BC Twitter Account: @BCFroshguy

Every year, students at Boston College attempt to create the next novel BC Twitter account. In the past, we’ve had @BCmakeouts, @BCBananas, @BcHeard and @BCCheechees. Honestly, Sundays just wouldn’t be the same without the fun and sometimes anxious searching through the BC Makeouts photos. One such account created in October encapsulates the BC freshman boy experience. It is @BCfroshguy—sometimes humorous, sometimes offensive but overall a good representation of the classic BC freshman fouls that occur every day.



While freshmen girls are seen as high on the BC social ladder, unfortunately freshmen boys are not. #ratios


Classic freshman boy: He has an abundance of courage on Friday nights knocking on Mod doors, but lacks the emotional strength to kill the bugs on his dorm windows. (Really, this tweet just promotes gender equality. If girls can’t kill their own bugs then boys shouldn’t be expected to kill them either!)


Freshmen will discern, all too quickly, the difference between Ruby and Rubinstein.


It’s safe to say most freshmen get @BCmakeouts wasted at least once during their first year here. To avoid the infamous BC Makeouts shout-out is true skill.


The grocery shuttle doesn’t even go to Trader Joes! It goes to Star Market. On a side note though, getting on the wrong bus is a tragic experience that many Newtonites experience in their first few weeks at BC. It’s not a rare occurrence to see two wide-eyed freshmen watch as the bus passes their stop and heads in another direction. Some are even convinced they are on a local bus rather a BC-operated one. Assuring  them that they are not being dragged along to the outskirts of Boston is a courtesy reserved to the nicest of the BC population.


I hate to stereotype, but there’s no denying that freshmen are all about the shot life. Unfortunately this translates into a community of BC freshmen whose weekly trip into Boston is a trip to St. E’s. According to a nurse at St. E’s, Friday nights are BC nights at the hospital. She didn’t mean it in an endearing way either, like ‘Taco Tuesdays” or “Wine Wednesdays.” Don’t be a statistic!

Check out @BCfroshguy to see if he’s an accurate portrayal of the BC freshman guy. As mean-spirited as some people may find this Twitter account (*cough* freshmen), maybe it’s better to have the BC community laugh with you rather than at you.

School and year: A&S, 2016
Favorite Beyonce lyric: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly"