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The Acoustics Halloween Invitational - Pre-show Interview

The Acoustics Halloween Invitational is this Thursday, October 31st at 7:30 in Cushing 001, so I decided to sit down with two of their attractive members and find out more about it. Here’s what Audrey Huelsbeck (A&S ‘16) and Taylor MacLeod (A&S ‘15) had to say.

What sets the Acoustics apart from other a cappella groups?

T: Well the Acoustics, we’re known as the fun, coed a cappella group. We like to do fun, silly songs that are not just musically appeasing to the audience but songs that we think the audience will enjoy visually. We just brought in “Bottoms Up,” which is a fun song. We’re doing “Wrecking Ball” at this show. We try to keep things modern, try to keep things interesting – we’re goofy. At a lot of our cafés we dress up in stupid costumes, which I think sets us apart. We like to have fun.

So what can you tell us about the new members?

A: I love the new members. They’re honestly so awesome. I never thought we would find such enthusiastic new Acoustics. They love the group and they fit in so well. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine this group without them.

T: We have 3 freshmen: Dominique Alba, Julie Gill, and Matt Michienzie. They’re super talented, super funny – they just get the group. They get the whole concept of family, which is really important to us and yeah…they’re just crazy, which fits right in with us.

A: So crazy.

T: (laughing) They’re really weird.

So what’s special about the Halloween Invitational Show that other shows don’t offer?

T: For the Halloween Invitational, because it’s an invitational, we’re bringing in groups around MA. So, not only do we have the Boston College Dynamics, which is another coed a cappella group, we also have The Wheaton College Gentlemen Callers and the BU Dear Abbeys, which are two all male a cappella groups. So we’re bringing in groups from all around and we get to dress up in costumes. They’re all going to be competing against us for best costumes. So you get to see different groups you normally wouldn’t get to see on campus, plus we’re debuting 2 new songs.

What are the new songs you’re debuting?

A: We’re doing “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus and that’s performed by Danielle Para, and “My Immortal” by Evanescence and that’s performed by Julie Zavrl.

Are you doing them both in costume?

A: Yes, we are doing the whole show in costume.

Will “Wrecking Ball” be performed nude?

A: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

T: I will let you know, there may or may not be a sledgehammer.

A: There may or may not be.

Since it’s a Halloween show will you be performing “The Monster Mash?”

T: No, but we can guarantee that after the show there will be a monster mash.

Why will you not be performing “The Monster Mash?”

T: We felt it was a little cliché, we like to keep things fresh.

Is there a theme to the costumes?

A: Each class (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman) has a theme.

T: I just want to say that my grade won last year.

A: Your grade will win every year.

So why should people come to the show?

T: Because we’re awesome.

A: It’s fun!

T: Why wouldn’t you want to see incredibly good looking people, who are incredibly good singers, wearing kick-ass costumes, sing?

Who’s the biggest diva of the group?

A: Taylor.

T: I’mma go with Portu (Caroline Portu – 2013 BC Idol Winner – aka “white Beyoncé”). I love her, though she just walks in and is like [snaps his fingers].

(Caroline Portu later responded to this accusation “I embrace the term but I’m currently getting my weave fixed. So, if you want a longer response please call my agent.”)

Anything else you’d like to say about the show?

T: Just that you should come! It’s really fun, and it’s free. It’s early and a short show so if you plan on doing anything else after the show, like going Trick-or-Treating, you can definitely do that. We’re going to be doing a Twitter feed so you can post crazy things and embarrass people on it. It’s just a really fun time doing really cool new songs. A lot of people on campus know people in the group – and it’s free!

Can you teach me how to sing?

T: No, I think you’re hopeless. I’ve heard you sing.


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