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Obama Explains Healthcare Mishaps in Boston

President Obama chose Boston as his backdrop when defending Obamacare at the historic Faneuil Hall this Wednesday afternoon.

It was in Faneuil Hall where Mitt Romney, as the then-governor of Massachusetts, signed Massachusetts’ unique healthcare law in 2006. “Democrats and Republicans came together to make healthcare a reality for Massachusetts seven years ago,” Obama said.

Image via National Park Service/Wikimedia Commons.

Image via National Park Service/Wikimedia Commons.

“Today there is nearly universal coverage in Massachusetts and the vast majority of citizens are happy with their coverage,” he told the crowd. “Mitt Romney did the right thing on healthcare.”

Obama went on to enumerate the benefits of the Affordable Healthcare Act. “No more discrimination against kids with pre-existing conditions. No more dropping policies when you get sick and need it the most. No more lifetime limit or annual limit. All of this is in place right now. It is working right now.”

Obama also pointed out that insurance companies continue competing in the marketplace. “The deal is good and the price is low… In fact, nearly half of all single, uninsured 18 to 34 years old may be able to buy insurance for 50 bucks a month or less. Less than your cellphone bill, less than your cable bill."

Obama and Romney pall around during a presidential debate. Image via Barack Obama/Flickr.

Obama and Romney pall around during a presidential debate.
Image via Barack Obama/Flickr.

The president, however, is “not happy” with the current circumstance since “the website has been too slow and too many people had gotten stuck." He told Bostonians that he takes “full responsibility” for fixing the technical problems, and that people “are working overtime to improve it everyday."

Obama also clarified the latest controversy surrounding healthcare in which people receive canceling notices from their old insurance companies. He promised the public that they will be able to keep their existing insurance, but clarified that people receive these letters because their existing insurance does not provide adequate coverage. The Affordable Healthcare Act requires a minimal level of coverage before charging a fine.

Image via J Sonder/Flickr

Image via J Sonder/Flickr

The talk at Faneuil Hall did not go unnoticed at Boston College.

“Personally, I support Obamacare. While healthcare may mean sacrificing wealth, it is godspell to the whole nation," said an anonymous student.

"The GOP has no reason to oppose the healthcare since it’s already a law. They went too far with the government shutdown especially.”

Featured image via with-eyes-closed/Flickr.
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