Opinion: Shutting Down Frat Parties Is Not the Answer

Ah, it only seems like yesterday when I was an innocent freshman excited for college’s definition of Halloween. No more trick-or-treating and no more having to be home at a certain time. Now, according to college social rules, Halloween was the time to dress with the least amount of clothing possible and go to a party despite the freezing October temperatures. While parties in Walsh were acceptable and the Mods were ideal, the parties all freshmen girls wanted to go to were the ones off-campus. No, not the ones on Lake or Foster Street, those were basic, but the MIT frat parties. If you had an invite to an MIT frat party (infamous for their large dance floors, blacklights and an unlimited amount of adult beverages), you were queen bee for the night.

Almost exactly two years ago, I was one of the “exclusive” people who were able to go to an MIT frat party. If anyone remembers Halloween two years ago, you’re probably thinking that I’m a crazy person with no priorities whatsoever because it was snowing. On top of that, I lived on Newton Campus and I was wearing jean shorts. I still remember how soaked my feet were and how much I just wanted to go back to my cozy room, but by the time I got off the bus at the Greycliff stop, it was too late. Somehow, my friends and I caught a cab, went to the party, had a classic gross, sweaty time and made it back to our rooms by 2AM. Despite the ordeals and the sheer amount of snow we had to trek through, this might have been one of my favorite memories of freshman year.

But what is this that I’m hearing? BOSTON IS SHUTTING DOWN MIT FRATERNITY PARTIES? Does Boston realize how many freshman girls are going to have to throw out the “sexy ______” costume they’ve so carefully put together? Does Boston realize that it has just made thousands of freshman girls cry and wallow in a pool of tears? Does Boston realize that it has effectively RUINED Halloween for all the freshmen girls who were willing to trek through snow in 5-inch heels? All because some kid in a fraternity fell from the roof of his frat house?!

Now, because of the roof deck the fraternity wasn’t allowed to have, freshmen girls are going to have to say, “Yeah, I just spent Halloween in the Mods.” Is it really Boston’s position to be saying what parties can or cannot happen? Why must the whole population of freshmen girls be punished for the careless mistake of a fraternity dude?

In all seriousness, I understand the concern Boston has for the whole college party scene. It’s a serious matter and someone from the fraternity could have been seriously injured, or even have died. The thing is, if Boston is acting this way to this accident, they should technically ban all college parties (NOT SAYING THEY SHOULD BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE MEAN)!

Ultimately, it all boils down to the responsibility of the individual and the fraternity. If anyone should be disciplined, it should be Phi Sigma Kappa. On that note, I hope everyone has a safe Halloween weekend that does not involve falling down a 4-story building.