Drink Up: Let's Raise a Ghost to Halloweekend

Halloweekend is finally here and it’s time to spice things up with more than just our costumes... if you are of age, of course. Below is a list of eight drinks that will make your Halloween scary fun and are fairly easy to make. It’s time to get creative! 


Vampire mouth

1. Vampire’s Kiss




Tomato Juice

For all those vampire lovers out there, from True Blood, to Vampire Diaries, and even Twilight, this drink is right up your alley.

2. Witches’ Brew



Pineapple Juice

Cranberry Juice

Sprite or 7-up

There are a couple of ways to make Witches’ Brew, but this one is simple and yummy.



3. Black Devil Martini


Dark Rum

Black Olives

Orange Sugar

Planning on being a devil for Halloween? This drink will be your best accessory. However, it is dependent on how much effort you want to put into it. Pour the dark rum into the martini glass and add a couple of dark olives to give it that spooky look. If you are feeling extra festive, rim the martini glass with a coat of orange sugar.


4. Blood of the Innocent



Fruit Punch

This one is fast and easy! I’m sure all of us 21-year-olds have Rubinoff hanging around somewhere in our room and we can just get the fruit punch at Lower. Just mix both into a cup and add more vodka if you are looking for a stronger taste.



5. Russian Bloody Mary



Tomato Juice

Tabasco Sauce

Who doesn’t like a Bloody Mary? This Halloween edition is probably even easier to make and, if you want that extra spice, add lime and Worcester sauce.


6. Candy Corn Martini



Orange Juice


Candy Corn

Miss those childhood days when you used to go trick-or-treating for some candy corn with your friends? Don’t let college discourage you! This drink is sweet and a little nostalgic. If you want the martini to taste more like candy corn, let the candy corns soak in the vodka for a while. Add a bit of honey to top it off.



7. Spooky Screwdriver


Black Vodka

Orange Juice

This one is easy because it’s exactly like making a normal screwdriver… except this time you’re using black vodka to give it that Halloween feel.


8. Halloween Jello Shots 



Orange or Red Jello

The classic college drink: the Jello shot. We’ve all made them. But now, let’s add a little twist and make them more festive. Instead of choosing a variety of different flavored Jello, just choose the orange and strawberry ones to get the Halloween orange and blood red.

They’re all spooky. They’re all fun. But they might not all be tasty. At least we’re being festive, right? It’s just one night, anyway.


Happy Halloweekend!


Images via Flickr.