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Movember - Changing the Face of Men's Health

Attention BC gentlemen: Imagine a world in which you wouldn’t have to wake up 15 minutes early to trim your chin strap. A world where Kate Upton and other women would smile and not scoff at the site of your scruffy beard or handlebar mustache. Everything from clean cut or rugged, mustache or beard, the soul patch or the Magnum PI, would be praised. Not only could you wear your mustache proudly, but you would also be helping others and making a difference in the world. Now stop imagining, because it’s real and it’s here at BC.

Image via Facebook/BCRHA

Image via Facebook/BCRHA


Henry Bolo, the Student Programming Council representative for BC’s Residence Hall Association. was browsing through TedTalks and discovered Movember: a month-long charity event where men grow mustaches to promote men’s health awareness. “It was such a compelling video,” Bolo said. “I knew we had to do this at BC.”

Movember was founded in an Australian bar by a group of men discussing trends from the 70s that had inevitably come back in the 21st century. A few beers in, the men realized that the moustache had not come back. So as a group, they challenged themselves to make this past phenomenon a thing in the present. After a trial run of judgmental looks and parents hiding their kids, they knew that the disapproval would continue if they didn’t legitimize the event. And so that’s exactly what they did.

Parelleling women’s health and breast cancer awareness, Movember is devoted to men’s health, especially prostate cancer. “Guys aren’t as open to talking about their health,” says Bolo. “They aren’t necessarily as willing to go see a doctor as women are either.” A community of men growing mustaches would produce curiosity, instill confidence in men to be more vocal about health issues, and provide opportunities to do so.  “The more ridiculous the mustache,” says Bolo, “the better.” “The goal is awareness. We want people to stop and ask about your crazy mustache.”

Movember has travelled from Australia to Europe then to the US. Now with the help of RHA and BCStreak, it has come to Boston College.

Here are Movember’s rules:

1)   Start on November 1st with a clean shaven face (or today if you have already shaved!)

2)   Throughout the month of November, grow out your facial hair. Although the original Movember is strictly about mustaches, all facial hair will be accepted at BC.

3)   Starting on November 22nd, submit a picture of your mustache to the RHA Twitter account or Facebook page to enter in the competition. Prizes will be given out for:

  1. Most likes on Facebook picture
  2. Best Mustache Award
  3. Most money Raised

To raise money:

1) Join the BC Moteam

2) Ask family and friends for support

3) Auction off style rights for $5

4) Auction off color rights for $5

5) Auction off shaving rights at the end of the month $5

6) Sell signed pictures for donations

At the end of November, RHA will host a Movember event to reveal the winners.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


It is just a myth that Movember is only for men or Mobros. Mosistas are actually a crucial driving force behind the whole event. In fact, Kate Upton, a Mosista herself, is currently a captain for Movember Team Gilette. “I know Team Gillette will be rocking some awesome MO’s by the end of the month, and it couldn’t be for a better cause” she said. So to all of you lady eagles, make sure you support your Mobros this month and help raise awareness!





Featured image via Pinterest.
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