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Public Bus Routes: A Welcome Alternative to the T

Even though a significant portion of the undergraduate population of Boston College comes from in and around the Boston area, many people are still metaphorically and literally lost when it comes to public transportation in the city. While some students claim to be masters of the T, a good number of BC students have never even taken a bus into the city. The buses are comfortable and the fare is $1.50 if you have a Charlie Card. The T, in comparison, is $2.00.  Also, if you are ever on the T and need to transfer to a local bus route, there is no extra fee.

Some bus routes save a lot of time and simplify travel plans. Less transfers means less time on public transportation and less waiting around at T stops! Here are some good routes that we found might be helpful to the average BC student:


1.)  Harvard Square

Bus: 86 Sullivan Sta Harvard

Depart from: Chestnut Hill Avenue & Reservoir Busway

Arrive: Harvard Upper Busway & Red Line

Time: 28 minutes

Normally, students take the D line to Park Station and then switch to the Red Line to get to Harvard Square. This route can take over an hour and is impractical. You have to go inbound just to transfer and then take the T outbound to Cambridge. Instead, consider the bus route.


4724702653_8b9afbd8372.) Jamaica Plain

Bus: 51 Forest Hills Sta Via Putterham

Depart from: Chestnut Hill Ave and Reservoir Busway

Arrive: Weld St & Centre Street

Bus: 38 Forest Hills Sta Via Centre Street

Depart from: Weld St & Centre Street

Arrive: South Station & Sedgwick St

Time: 40 minutes

To take the T to Jamaica Plain, students must catch the D line to Haymarket and then switch to the Orange line and get off at Green Street Station. This route can take upwards of an hour. Don’t get trapped by the T! Take the bus!


3.)  MIT

T: D Line—Lechmere to Hynes Station

Depart from: Reservoir Station

Arrive: Hynes Station

Bus: 1 Harvard Sta Via Mass Ave

Depart from: Massachusetts Ave and Newbury Street

Arrive: 77 Massachusetts Ave

Time: 25 minutes

Without the bus, this route would require a 20-minute walk to MIT.  Maybe that doesn’t seem so bad now, but in the middle of a bone-chilling Boston winter, a 20-minute walk could feel more like 40.


4.)  MFA

T: D Line—Lechmere To Fenway Station

Depart from: Reservoir Station

Arrive at: Fenway Station

Bus: CT2 Ruggles Via Kendall/MIT Limited Stops

Depart from: Park Drive & Fenway Station

Arrive: Ruggles St & Huntington Ave

Time: 25 minutes

Freshmen seem to think that the easiest way to get to the MFA is to take B Line to Arlington and then switch to the E Line because it has a specific MFA stop.  By now, everyone, including freshman, should know to avoid the B Line. We’ve all been here for at least a couple months so it’s not hard to realize that the B in B Line stands for Boredom…because it is the slowest public transportation known to mankind. Taking the B Line route to the MFA will almost always take at least 45 minutes to an hour.


5.)  Franklin Park Zoo

T: Green D Line—Government Center to Fenway Station

Depart from: Reservoir Station

Arrive: Fenway Station

Bus: 47 Broadway St Via Boston Med Ctr

Depart from: Park Dr & Fenway

Arrive: Ruggles Station—Lane 1

Transfer to Bus: 22 Ashmont St Via Jackson Sta

Depart from: Ruggles Station—Lane 1

Arrive: Blue Hill Ave opp Columbia Rd—Franklin Park Zoo

Time: 40 minutes

The bus is pretty much the only way to get to the Franklin Park Zoo unless you have a car on campus. It’s definitely worth the trip!


This list is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the places that one can travel to using the bus system. Get out of the BC bubble and explore! There’s more to Boston than just the B-Line and Cleveland Circle.

For more information check out the Bus Route schedule on the MBTA website.

Also, you can plan trips using the MBTA trip planner.

All photos via Sieman700/Flickr.