Go Anywhere With CO Everywhere

To anyone who’s tried the Block Avenue app, there’s something bigger and better. The new and improved version of the app has just been released, and it goes by the name 'CO Everywhere.'

CO Everywhere is an app that allows users to focus on the locations that they want to see. People can actually search any location in the world. The app works by allowing the user to draw out the boundaries of the location of interest on a map similar to that of the iPhone maps app. Within the boundaries, CO Everywhere tracks down all the social media updates in the area. This allows the user to filter real-time social media streams to a specific location of his or her choice. Using the info gathered, the user can click on different icons, such as a money logo representing deals in the area or a calendar to indicate upcoming events, to see different types of feeds. You can check out Tweets, Instagram photos and videos, Facebook photos, local meet-ups, and deals or coupons in the area for that day. You can also take a look at conversations and news within the boundaries of your drawing, with seemingly endless info that comes from over 1,000 sources.


The app adds another dimension by allowing you to link up with Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for yourself. You can connect with the people and places you discover, and you can save the boundaries you draw in a section of the app where you label “My Neighborhoods.” These neighborhoods can include home, work, school, and any custom neighborhoods you choose to add. You can even choose to follow a popular suggested location such as Disney World, Fenway Park, Harvard, the MFA, MIT, The Louvre, The Met, and The Vatican, among many others. For those who love to travel, check out the hottest spots and what people are saying before you go anywhere.


Want to check out Fenway on the day of a Red Sox game? Draw an outline around the park to browse hundreds of Instagrams, Facebook photos, and Tweets of the game. There’s so much to be seen in so many locations around the world using this app, and it integrates social media in a way that has never been done before. The founders refer to CO Everywhere as a “local awareness platform,” and there really is no better way to define it. The app is now available on the iPhone, while Android and iPad versions should be launched soon.

All images via Gavel Media/Katie Carsky.

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