Get Your Grub On: The Best Late-Night Spots in Boston

As college kids, we never want to put an end to the night. So even if it means prolonging it with some grub (i.e. extra calories), we really don’t mind.

Seeing as Boston shuts down pretty early, here are a few places that stay open late, by Boston-standards, where you can get some late-night bites:

Insomnia Cookies


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For all those How I Met Your Mother fans, remember that episode where Ted tells his kids that “nothing good happens after 2 AM”? Well here is one instance in which Ted is completely wrong: Insomnia Cookies delivers freshly baked, warm cookies until 3 AM! If that doesn’t sound good, then I don’t know what does. Just got back from an off-campus party, but it’s past 2 AM? In the mood for a cookie, a brownie, or some ice cream? For all you insomniacs and late-night partiers out there, Insomnia Cookies has your back. Just call them up or order online and you will have your order in about 30 to 45 minutes.

Angora Café

They have breakfast. They have lunch. They have dinner. And they have dessert. What’s not to love? Angora Café is open until 12:00 AM on weeknights; however, no need to fret, because on weekends it is open until 2:00 AM. Best of all: Angora delivers that late, too! Don’t feel like making the drive to 1024 Comm. Ave after the bar or party? No worries. Just order on their website online or on Foodler and your food will be waiting for you when you get back home! Your best bet at Angora: chocolate or vanilla frozen yogurt with your choice of over 50 toppings. The only catch is that the delivery minimum is $15, so grab a few friends and make it a late night worth remembering.

Regal 24 Hours Pizza

Because who doesn’t love pizza? Regal 24 Hours Pizza is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dangerous, I know. While this hot spot is known for its pizza, you can also order anything from salads, to wraps, and all the way to seafood. Haven’t convinced you yet? When ordering the pizza, you can create your own! So you didn’t get home until 4 AM? No problem. Thankfully, Regal Pizza delivers around the clock so you’ll never have to go hungry.

Wok N Talk

Wok N Talk is open until 3:00 AM. Every. Single. Day. You can choose from a variety of dishes including miso soup, fried calamari, orange chicken, and spring rolls, and you can get it delivered right to your door! I sound like an advertiser, I know. But it’s that good. If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.

El Triunfo

It may be on the South End, but it is so worth the ride. El Triunfo is open until 4:30 AM on Friday and Saturday and until 3:30 AM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. They have everything from burritos, to fajitas, and even quesadillas! Missed Chipotle’s last call at 10:00 PM? El Triunfo won’t let you down. You can head over right after the bar or club closes at 2:00 AM and you will have ample time to get there! And if you don’t feel like driving all the way there, they also have delivery, with a minimum of only $8! You may have had a good time at the bar, but believe me, El Triunfo will be even better.

Scholars Boston Bistro

An American bistro and a cocktail lounge (for those of you 21+), Scholars Boston Bistro is open every night of the week until 1:00 AM. There’s no delivery, but the atmosphere is something you would not want to miss. For all those beer enthusiasts, they have more than 25 types of beers for reasonable prices. Scholars Boston Bistro also hosts events including drinking and dining specials, themed nights, and featured DJs and artists for a mere $5 entrance fee. Sounds too good to be true, but it is definitely something you must check out.

The Abbey

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

The Abbey was rated the Best Neighborhood Restaurant in 2012 and in 2013 by Boston Magazine. And, guess what? Its kitchen is open until 1:30 AM every day. If you aren’t hungry for the greasy, unhealthy options provided to you by most late-night spots, The Abbey is the perfect fit. Although it does not provide delivery, it has healthy options ranging from sautéed mussels to shredded Brussels sprouts. Yummy…I know. The full dinner menu closes at 1:30 AM, but the late night menu is open until 2:00 AM. Best of all, it’s right next to us in Brookline! Feel like switching it up and splurging on good food? The Abbey is the answer.

New Yorker Diner

For all you New Yorkers out there, this diner is right up your alley. On Fridays and Saturdays it serves food until 4:00 AM. And, even better, it serves breakfast! Who doesn’t want a stack of pancakes after going out on a Friday or Saturday night? The biggest perk of all is that you don’t have to wait until morning to satisfy your breakfast craving. Definitely more low key than the rest of the spots on this list, the New Yorker Diner does not have a website. However, it is located right around BC in Watertown, MA.


Bova’s is a late night bakery open 24 hours. Who would’ve thought? Probably one of the best ideas ever…Although it’s located in the North End, Bova’s will provide you with the perfect treat (whether it be a cookie or a brownie) to end the night. If you are coming straight from the bar, then you’ve probably consumed a bunch of empty calories in alcohol, anyway. So what are a few more?


Decided to save the best for last. A classic. The IHOP Brighton location is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. I know, it can’t get any better. Roll in after a rough night out or just a late night study session. It’s the perfect pick-me-up.

Based on the list above, Ted must have been wrong, because evidently the best things happen AFTER 2:00 AM…

Remember: Calories don’t count on the weekends! You can hit the Plex on Monday.

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