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Video Feature: Are GLBTQ Issues BC Issues?

On Thursday, Nov. 7, the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC) held a discussion and Q&A session with the specific focus, “Are GLBTQ issues BC issues?” Student leaders formed a panel to address the conversations that need to happen concerning the GLBTQ community to improve campus life as a whole.

The Facebook event invitation read, “The goal of the panel is to educate the audience/BC community on the state of the GLBTQ community on campus and come up with ways to better the quality of life for all BC students. By surveying a variety of opinions/responses from all stretches of campus, we hope to show the perspectives of a variety of students and not just the GLC perspective.”

Couldn’t attend the event last Thursday? Watch below to hear some of the perspectives voiced by the panel of student leaders:

Students discussed issues such as how it took the BC Confessions Facebook page to open many people’s eyes to GLBTQ issues on campus, how to work alongside Jesuit and Catholic perspectives and the connotations surrounding the GLC Gala.

Now that the productive event opened up these issues for discussion, the focus turns to finding solutions and making the suggestions a reality for a better BC.

Production & Editing by Emily Sadeghian