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5 Men Who Would Be Pretty Women

 When you hear the name Shakespeare, you probably think of the old English playwright whose works haunt us in English class every year. Perhaps you cringe thinking back to your teachers’ wild interpretations of his plays and hours spent deciphering archaic vocabulary--who uses “thou” and “ye” anyway?. However, something you might not know about Shakespeare’s plays is that they were originally performed by all male casts. In attempts to be more authentic, the London-based Globe Theatre has begun to put on Shakespearian productions with all of the roles played by men. Of course, some men would make much more attractive ladies than others, so here’s a list of the 5 top male celebrities who would make pretty women on the stage.

 1)   Zac Efron:


This one is pretty obvious. With those light blue, piercing eyes, beautiful bone structure, and killer smile, Zac melts the hearts of both women and men alike. We will always remember him as the well-rounded heartthrob in High School Musical, and his young innocent appeal would make him the perfect girl-next-door.

2)  Taylor Lautner:



While it’s true that he’s known for his six-pack abs, Taylor would make a stunning girl, both exotic and mysterious. His smooth, caramel-colored skin and shiny white teeth are undeniably attractive, and given the right costume, Taylor would make a convincing femme fatale who leaves her audience intrigued and addicted.

3)  Christian Bale:



This may seem like a surprising choice, but not all pretty women draw their appeal from being young and cute. Bale would be that smart, sexy, driven woman who is in control and knows it. With his deep brown eyes and mischievous smile, this Batman actor could play the accomplished lawyer or the powerful Queen, illustrating that smarts and drive are always attractive.

4)  Ryan Gosling:



The most attractive celebrity of all time (don’t argue, you know it’s true), Gosling’s good looks and charm would make him the ideal female protagonist in any production. Bluish-green eyes and an adorable half-smile, half smirk (his signature look) would make him the lady that every man wants to marry. His goofy sense of humor, guitar-playing ability, love of his golden retriever George, and penchant for romance ensure that every male character in the production with him will fall hopelessly in love. Besides, as an actor, he’s played roles ranging from the endearing Noah in The Notebook to a cold criminal in Drive; for him, playing a woman should be a piece of cake.

5)  Bruno Mars:



Besides having a ridiculously good voice, Bruno Mars is adorable. Cute little smile, cute little Afro, cute sparkly brown eyes. He would make the perfect shy but gifted coffee shop singer, that girl irresistible not only for her looks but also for her talent. She doesn’t know how good she is, and her modesty makes her all the more attractive. The female Bruno would make artsy hipster boys across the world fall in love.

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