10 Things To Do Before Finals

The leaves have almost all fallen, the last home football game is completed, and the “fall jacket” just isn’t cutting it anymore. Yes, winter is coming. As much as it seems like we have all the time in the world before finals, those dreaded days will be here sooner than we expect.  With midterms out of the way, it’s time to start preparing for those long days spent in Bapst or O’Neill.  Since time slips away so easily during the weeks before finals, take advantage of the free time you have now and check some, or all, of these suggestions off of your list.


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1.     Enjoy an afternoon outside

The last (semi) warm days are coming to an end, so put down your computer and take a walk or jog around campus. The traces of oranges and reds sprinkling the trees won’t be here for long, so soak in all the New England fall wonder while you can!

2.     Clean your room

Your room is your sanctuary, so now is the time to Zen things up before crunch time. Swap out what’s left of those September tees for those December sweaters and make way for the Hunter’s and Timberlands. The first step to a clear mind is a clear living space, so we’d suggest breaking out the vacuum and finally putting that laundry away.

3.     Head to Faneuil Hall

Nothing beats seeing the draping lights on the trees lining Faneuil hall, so make time one night to head over and enjoy the view. Stroll through Quincy Market and listen to the array of live performers often playing outside. The lights, trees, and festivities during these months really make it the most wonderful time of the year.

4.     Catch up on class reading

We hate to say it, but now is the time to wipe the dust off those textbooks up on your shelf. As if finals don’t bring enough stress, pages of overdue readings will.


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5.     Get plenty of rest

In order to perform your best during finals, getting enough sleep is a must. You know those studies claiming that more sleep leads to an overall healthier life? Turns out they’re actually true. No one wants to feel foggy during the most grueling days of the semester, so nix the Netflix at night and get in the habit of getting a full nights rest.



6.     Do dinner in the city

Escape the hustle and bustle of campus life and head to dinner in the city. Grab a couple of friends and enjoy some long overdue quality time with each other as you forget about schoolwork. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to get away from cafeteria food for a night?

7.     Indulge in fall flavors

Whether it’s a cup of caramel apple spice tea, or a warm pumpkin muffin from the rat, treat yourself to one of the many delicious fall flavors that will soon be departing.  We know you can’t wait for Thanksgiving, but don’t hesitate to savor the holiday aromas a little early.

8.     Go to your teachers office hours

Instead of having a panic attack the night before a final, clear up any questions you may have and head to your professors’ office hours. Professors are usually swamped at the end of the semester, so take advantage of their availability now and beat the rush.

9.     Organize!

Plan out your finals schedule ahead of time so you’re prepared when exams come around. Get a planner and jot down the times and locations of your finals in case you forget last minute. More importantly, organize your time or designate certain times as study hours. Making a schedule and sticking to it will help you feel prepared and confident to take on the weeks to come.

Image via Pinterest/mensfitness.com

Image via Pinterest/mensfitness.com


10.  Take some “you time”

Finals bring so much stress and anxiety, so make sure to take a few minutes each day to relax and wind-down. Whether it’s attending a yoga class or closing your eyes for a few minutes, be sure to incorporate some mental relaxation time into your daily activities.

We know finals can be rough, but with these helpful guidelines you can make those days just a little more bearable.


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