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Environmental Blogs for the Busy BC Student

Boston College has done a great job of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability on campus. While this is an accomplishment, there is always more to be done. A topic that rarely makes it to the headline page of major publications is the up and coming field of environmentalism. Information can be elusive on this topic. For example, did you know that this past summer was the first time recreational swimming was allowed the Charles River since the 1950s? With so much information out there, it is difficult to know where to start. Here are 5 environmentally conscious blogs every in-the-know college student should add to their list for the latest news.

1. Tree Hugger covers all sorts of environmental issues. They make it easy for the reader to stay up to date by including links for the 10 most popular stores right now. They provide information such as rankings based off of what percentage of a population rides a bike instead of driving a car (Boston ranks 13th). They post articles at a rate of 30 per day, so here will always be new information to read up on.

2. OnEarth reports on a variety of issues. They label themselves as "A Survival Guide for the Planet." Their information on science, nature, food, culture and cities will appeal to any and all students interested in increasing their awareness.

3. Earth911 is unique in that it focuses mainly on recycling ideas. They offer a style tab for the environmentally aware. Such topics include "10 Ways to Reuse an Old T-shirt" and "How Eco-Friendly is Your Clothing?" They are full of creative ideas as well as ways for the fashion-savvy student to adhere to sustainable style.

4. Ecorazzi is the People Magazine for the environmentally conscious. The articles cover celebrities who are making an eco-friendly impact or are involved in environmental causes. With titles such as "Kellan Lutz Helps Stray Animals While Filming Hercules" it is pretty much guaranteed you'll want to read on.

5. The Eco Diva is constantly updating its readers on cosmetics, fashion, and accessories that have set an environmentally friendly standard. An Ask the EcoDiva tab provides a good source of feedback on any fashion concern that has not yet been answered by this chic eco-friendly blogger.

Local environmental issues, as well a global ones, are beginning to become more and more prevalent to our daily lifestyle. You will be surprised by how much you can relate. Between all of these options, every student will be able to find articles that catch their interest. By checking these sites daily, you can increase your awareness on topics that regarding the impacts of our human footprint on the environment, both now and in the future.

Feature image via Flickr/Martin Steinthaler. 

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