Thirsty Thanksgiving

BC students are currently abuzz with the overwhelming anticipation of Thanksgiving break.  Turkey Day, the official start of the holiday season, is the holiday of all holidays—one revolving around a feast of epic proportions to be shared by family and friends.  If your appetite at all resembles mine, or Lorelai Gilmore’s, Thanksgiving is your finest hour.

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But Thanksgiving also serves as a time for us to reflect on what we feel grateful for, and what better way to celebrate our good fortunes than with some tasty holiday-themed cocktails (for those of us who are 21+, of course).  If anything, these festive concoctions provide icebreakers to ease any of that infamous familial tension that sometimes arises when relatives all get together for Thanksgiving dinner.

1. The Pumpkin Pie

 Pumpkin Pie

Stay on trend and keep up with fall’s pumpkin-everything craze by turning a quintessential Thanksgiving dessert into a cocktail!


2 oz. coconut rum

1 oz. Kahlua

¾ can pumpkin pie filling

¼ cup milk


Blend all together with ice and serve.  Rim glasses with graham cracker crumbs for a finishing touch!

2. Apple Cider Sangria

 Apple Cider Sangria

Keep your mind off of your impending final exams and start Thanksgiving early with your roommates and a pitcher of this fall sangria.  It may require some more effort and cashola than your go-to box of Franzia, but put in some teamwork and treat yo’selves!


1 bottle pinot grigio

2 ½ cups apple cider

1 cup club soda

½ cup ginger brandy

3 apples, chopped

3 pears, chopped


Stir together all ingredients and refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.

3. Hot Scotch

Hot Scotch

Hot chocolate for grown ups = a holiday wish come true.  This mouth-watering twist on a holiday favorite will surely get everyone in the holiday spirit.


2 oz. butterscotch schnapps

8-10 oz. hot chocolate


In your favorite BC mug, add schnapps and then pour hot chocolate.  Top it off with some whipped cream!

4. Cranberry Margarita

Your favorite party drink takes on a Thanksgiving staple with this sweet and refreshing margarita!


2 cups cranberry/raspberry juice

1 cup lemon-lime soda (Sprite or 7-Up should do)

6 oz. tequila

Mint leaves for garnish (optional)


Combine all ingredients (except for mint leaves) in pitcher; serve over ice.

So, if you are of age, I advise you to grab your friends and/or relatives and get to work on preparing any of these festive Turkey Day libations to celebrate the best Thirsty Thursday of the year!

Gif & Images via Tumblr.