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5 Ways to Keep Your Attitude Up As the Temperature Goes Down

It is time that we all face the music. In particular, the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” comes to mind. Those golden yellow and scarlet leaves that decorated the campus and made for those perfect Mayfair and Kelvin Instagram pictures (#fall #BC #PrettiestSchool) have begun to disappear. As sunlight decreases in the autumn months, the veins that normally carry sap throughout the leaves begin to close. A layer of cells form at the base of the stems and the leaves are then separated from the tissue that had attached them to their branches. What this scientific jargon actually means is that the leaves are dying—they fall to the ground only to dissipate into nothingness. But hey, positivity people! Nature might be calling it quits, but you don’t have to during these cold winter months.

Winter #GassonGram

Winter #GassonGram

We understand the difficulties that you are going to face in the upcoming months. We know that there’s a chance that you could get hypothermia while waiting for that Comm Ave or Newton Bus. We know that you might have to wear leggings under your jeans. We know that the apple cider at Addie’s is your unhealthy addiction. We know that scarves are about to become less of a fashion statement and more of a game called “It’s 10 degrees outside and no part of your skin can be exposed to the elements.” However, we all knew about the weather conditions when we decided to come to Boston College, so we just have to swallow our complaints and push on through those snowstorms. When your best friend from home sends you a picture of herself lying outside on the quad at Miami or Rice, just snap chat her a picture of yourself in all your glorious, puffy layers. No one masters snowman-chic quite like New Englanders.

In all seriousness though, there are actually a lot of positive things about winter. You just have to squint through the sleet hard enough to see them. So we’ve gathered together five tips that can help you make it to your finals in May. To those optimistic freshmen from California and Texas…yes, winter does last that long here.

 1. Stay Active!

Although it might be tempting to stay in bed and wrap yourself in a cocoon of blankets, make the walk over to the Plex! You don’t have to workout for hours on end, but a 15 minute workout can boost your energy levels, keep you healthy, and make you more productive later in the day.

 2. Find a Cuddle Buddy!

This does not necessarily have to be a significant other—it can be a friend too.  On those Saturday nights where the Mods seem a little too far and the weather seems a little too brisk even for Vandy residents, call a friend and ask them to come over and watch Netflix with you.  Hot chocolate,  It’s a Wonderful Life, and Pino’s pizza delivered to your dorm might be the best combination to cure a seasonal affective disorder (This applies to both genders).

3. Decorate Your Dorm!

Christmas lights, candy canes, mistletoe and festive window stickers galore! Hang out and bond with your roommates by adding a little bit of holiday cheer to your room. Edmonds and Walsh might not have the most aesthetically pleasing rooms, but a little DIY can change that.

4. Treat Yourself!

Bathing suit season is still far off. You can add a few extra pounds and just chalk it up to hibernation season. (This does not negate tip #1 people!) Go to the North End and pick up some pastries at Mike’s or Modern Pastries.  Walk across the street to Dunkin Donuts and grab yourself a bostom crème.  Buy yourself that homemade ice cream at Adie’s and enjoy yourself.

5. Go ice-skating!

Take a trip to Frog Pond in the Boston Common. College nights are every Tuesday night from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Show your BC ID and get admission for $2. You’re still young and you can still fall down on the ice and not have to worry about breaking a hip.  How many Eagles do we have that can actually do the Spread Eagle?

It’s easy enough to lock yourself in the library when winter weather rolls around, but you must fight the urge! There are still plenty of things you can do in the winter that don’t involve cozying up to a chemistry book.

Photos courtesy of Christie Merino/Associate Features Editor.