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Seven Signs That You Are Ready For Thanksgiving Break

After several long months of midterms and parties, you’re just about ready for a break. Sure, being at school has been fun, but taking a few days at home to see family and friends and do the things you love seems more than ideal right about now. Here’s a list of seven signs that you’re ready to leave the BC Bubble:

1. Hygiene Has Become a Thing of The Past


The semester started off with a daily shower. But then when that first round of midterms hit, you started skipping a few days here and there. At first it seemed like no big deal, but as the exams and papers started piling up, showers became both shorter and less frequent. Eventually even brushing your teeth started to seem like a hassle. The “ghetto brush,” as some people call it when you brushing your teeth in your room and spitting into the hall trash cans, doesn’t seem like an entirely bad idea anymore.

2. You’ve Come Up With a Mental “To Do” List For Home

You have a few days to hit all of your favorite “at home” activities. Sure, Christmas break is right around the corner, but it’s still going to be a race against the clock. How about having a meal at your favorite restaurant, visiting that friend you haven’t seen since high school, going to a movie, having a meal at your other favorite restaurant, showering without flip-flops, sleeping in your own bed, playing fetch with the dog, and going out with your high school friend group?

3. Your Pregame Playlist Has Been Replaced With a Christmas Playlist

Are you tired of listening to Timber during every pregame on Friday and Saturday nights only to hear it at whatever party you move on to later? It's that time of year when the only music that can really pump you up has to mention snow, Rudolph, Santa Claus, or jingle bells.

 4. You Can’t Handle Another Sweaty Night in the Mods

As you knock on the Mod door, you take in that last breath and mentally prepare. In the morning it seems like you’ll never be able to purge yourself of the layer of grime. You cringe at any reference to “Ruby.” You’d rather be questioned by old relatives about being single or what you expect to do with your major than go back to the Mods this weekend.

5. You’re Dreaming of Mom’s Cooking and Thanksgiving Dinner

Every time you enter Mac or Lower to eat your heart breaks a little. The thought of being served dinner without waiting in a checkout line seems unreal. It isn’t just Mom’s cooking you get to look forward to though - it’s apple pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and warm dinner rolls.

 6. You’ve Can’t Stop Looking at Pictures of Your Pets


It’s not just your own pets – it’s everyone’s pets. By now, you’ve read every animal-related Buzzfeed article you can find. From cats and dogs all the way to baby hippos and anteaters, it seems like there’s no limit to the animals you could be snuggling with if you didn’t have Reslife breathing down your neck.

7. You’re Immune to the Effects of Caffeine

At this point you’ve tried everything, but no amount of Dunkin, Hillside, Starbucks, or the Chocolate Bar can keep you awake. Is there really any use in going to class if you’re just going to sleep through it anyway? You can’t stay awake through an entire class and you suffer from the headaches and trembling hands of withdrawal without your coffee or energy drink. A few days of detox with some rest and relaxation thrown in will do you wonders.

It’s finally here – the break you’ve been waiting for - a chance to decompress before finals and a preview of what is to come over Christmas break. Maybe you’ve gone home for a few days here and there already, or maybe this is your first time escaping campus all semester. Either way, take advantage of the time off, and be sure to make the most of it!

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