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Thanksgiving Break 101: How to Decode Your Home Friends' Stories

You did it, fellow Boston College students: You made it to Thanksgiving break. As we all descend upon our hometowns furiously texting everyone we know to schedule a barrage of meaningful get togethers in order to “catch up” with one another, two things will become apparent. First, it is highly unlikely that you will get to see all of your friends during this short break. Save your thumbs and wait until after finals. Second, the people that you do end up spending time with will tell a story or two about their #collegelife that may leave you feeling like your stories just don’t match up.

Fear not fellow Eagles. Take a step back and consider the facts: this friend that is currently giving the juicy details behind their various hook ups and wild nights in the frats was voted the mom or dad of your friend group in high school. College changes you, but not that much in three months. If you ask what frat this person went to or for a general description of the alleged partner, don’t fall for the trivial explanation of being blacked out. If your friend can “remember” the actual hook up, remembering what Greek symbols were all over the walls should be pretty easy.


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Everyone embellishes his or her college stories. College is a great time and your friends should be having as much fun as possible. But let's be real, this kid doesn’t go to BC. Prevent yourself from being fooled by their bent perception of reality by following some of the model translations below.


What your friend says: We went to this frat and got tons of free alcohol and just danced the entire night! I love frats!

What your friend actually said: After standing in line for two hours we showed the guys at the door our ID’s that said we’re freshmen so they let us in. Some guy that lives in the house offered us something besides beer, which we gladly accepted, but then he and his friends followed us around the rest of the night so we left after half an hour. I hate frats.

Why BC students don’t have to lie like that: A college life nix the Greek life is a better college life. Contrary to popular belief, BC students don’t have to venture far to have a good time. Plus we don’t have to pay huge dues or do ridiculous symbols that may or may not result in a hand cramp.


What your friend says: I love going to the games at my school. Even the soccer games are so much fun!

What your friend actually said: Our football team isn’t even worth watching so my friends and me try to fill the void by watching other sporting events.

Why BC students don’t have to lie like that: Courtesy of Coach Addazio and a rejuvenated Eagles football team, we witnessed some of the best football BC has played since the pre-Spaz era. We even have a Heisman trophy candidate in our midst (#Andre44Heisman).


What your friend says: Everyone in my hall had a pregame with our RA. It was amazing and we didn’t get in any trouble at all.

What your friend actually said: We were quietly playing Grand Theft Auto V when our RA knocked on our door and put us on housing probation for being too loud. I hate my RA.

Why BC students don’t have to lie like that: True, RA’s vary from person to person, but the students that make it through BC’s Office of Residential Life’s meticulous screening process are genuinely good people that don’t actually want to get you in trouble. Kudos, Res Life.


What your friend says: I really like that my school is in the country. It’s so peaceful and quaint.

What your friend actually said: If I have to spend one more second in this cow-tipping town I’ll probably blow my brains out.

Why BC students don’t have to lie like that: BC offers the best of both worlds. Chestnut Hill is quiet enough to keep you focused on your studies, but bursting through the bubble and having Boston right at your fingertips is something to be truly thankful for.


What your friend says: I love (insert sub-par school).

What your friend actually said: I hate (insert sub-par school).

Why BC students don’t have to lie like that: See above.


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