Socii App Rewards Bostonians for Using Social Media

With the new app called Socii, users can earn rewards simply by posting photos, statuses, or tweets about their favorite participating vendors.

Each activity earns the user a certain amount of points: liking a Facebook page earns 50 points, while posting a photo on Instagram will earn 200. Once a user accumulates enough points, he or she can redeem them for real-life prizes, such as a free cookie from Haley House Bakery (300 points).

The app, invented by a Northeastern graduate, is currently in its beta form in Boston and is free to download from Apple’s App Store. This is a huge benefit for BC students, as all of the participating retailers are located in close proximity to campus and are extremely welcoming to college students.


The businesses currently enrolled in Socii’s marketing program include:

J.P. Licks

Tasty Burger

Thinking Cup

Flat Black Coffee

Finale Desserts


Max Brenner


Crazy Dough’s

Haley House Bakery

With this long and constantly growing list of participating businesses, Socii has something for everyone in the Boston area. By simply using your favorite forms of social media to generate word of mouth advertising, you can start earning free food from your favorite vendors.

Click here to download the app.

Screenshots taken by Christie Merino. 

Native Massachusetts girl with an addiction to coffee in all its glorious forms. In love with cities she’s not yet visited & shamelessly obsessed with anything J. Crew. Proudly owning the term ‘basic.'