BC vs. Syracuse Reaction: Down but not Distraught

This one hurt.

That was my response following the Boston College vs. Syracuse game after Terrel Hunt found Josh Parris in the endzone for an 8-yard game-winning touchdown with six seconds remaining on the clock.

There was no thought of Hail Flutie 2.0 to arise from quarterback Chase Rettig, who by far had his best game of the season against Syracuse. Andre Williams was out of action due to an injury sustained in the third quarter, which dashed his and BC’s hopes of a Heisman Trophy. Steele Devitto came up with an interception that seemed to wrap up the game for the Eagles before the tenacious Syracuse defense forced a three and out on the next drive.

Back and forth, back and forth, the game seemed like an eternity, with the end leaving SuperFans as dazed as Alabama fans after the Iron Bowl.

It is harsh to say the game was a letdown for BC, because everyone from both teams were bringing their A-game. It was expected from Syracuse because they were fighting for bowl eligibility in the first year of the Scott Shafer era. It was expected from BC because an 8-4 season sounded a lot better than 7-5. Before the game, the talk was focused on the tale of the running backs in the game. After the game, it was focused on Rettig and Hunt dueling each other for the win. 

This game wasn’t a letdown, but more of a bitter pill for the Eagles and SuperFans to swallow. The Eagles were winners of four straight games and in every close game, they always squeaked by and came out on top. This game was the first that didn’t favor the Eagles, and while SuperFans are upset and hurt, some things need to be clarified.

First, this was an absolutely incredible game, one that should simmer in every SuperFan from now until next season. Saturday’s game has reignited the Syracuse-Boston College rivalry, and letting this loss sit for a while will make it sweeter when these two programs face off again next season.

Second, Williams did not have a poor game. Yes, the numbers say 9 carries for 29 yards and one touchdown, but he did this for one half and one play in the third quarter before he was injured and did not return. If SuperFans and “experts” recall, Williams does the most damage in the second half, where we witnessed Rettig do the unthinkable and transform before our very eyes into a mobile quarterback, the most memorable being a 54-yard run. Now imagine if that were Williams instead of Rettig. Completely different story, right?

 The real letdown was BC’s defense. The defense allowed 480 yards of total offense, the majority being rushing from Hunt, who rushed for 90 yards and one touchdown. Florida State, Clemson and USC were three other teams who amounted for more than 480 yards of total offense and three teams who beat BC. The biggest letdown of the game came in the final minutes when BC was called for pass interference, stopping the clock and pushing Syracuse closer to the end zone. Addazio’s timeout, while to many seemed questionable, was necessary in order to get the defense organized. Even if it didn’t work in the end, it was a good move.

 Looking at the silver lining, Rettig was superb and Myles Willis stepped up in a big way when Williams went down. He had a great game in the air and also displayed his footwork and the toughness he has shown all season, especially on his one-yard touchdown run where he took a nasty hit after vaulting into the air in order to cross the plane.

 But there is no debate on how much this game hurt. Looking at Twitter, my sentiments were felt by other SuperFans who hoped we could end the season on a high note. A record of 7-5 is not bad considering where we were one year ago today. On Dec. 4, 2012, BC introduced Addazio as the new head coach and with it the hope of a new era at BC.

We got our wish this season, as I sure as heck did not see this coming. Addazio did everything correctly by taking one step at a time and accomplishing one goal at a time. Win the first game? Check. Beat Wake Forest? Check. Take FSU and Clemson to the limit? Check. Bowl-eligible? Check. Winning record? Check.

On top of these accomplishments, we had three signature wins at home: Parents' Weekend victory over Army, a victory over ACC foe Virginia Tech and a Senior Day victory over NC State that clinched a bowl game and resulted in a storming of Alumni Stadium. Oh, and let’s not forget Heisman hopeful and nation leading rusher, Andre 2K, where we actually started a trend on Twitter with #Andre44Heisman.

Even though we lost, it was a great season, SuperFans. But let this loss sit until we meet Syracuse again. It’ll make victory that much sweeter.

We Are...BC.

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