Nine Reasons to Go to BC Football's Bowl Game

Let’s face it: you have a crush on Andre Williams. It doesn’t matter what you're in to. Watching Andre gallop majestically into the end zone time and time again these past game days has been one of the best things to ever happen to you. But wait—your glory days aren’t over yet. Your Eagles are going bowling this year, and here are nine reasons why YOU should make that oh-so-worth it trip.

9. Unless you are this ostrich, the cold weather is not doing you any favors.


The Northeast is getting COLD. And, unfortunately, its only getting colder. The Eagles are most likely going to be playing in a bowl game in a warmer climate than Boston. And with the imminent snowfest that is going to hit BC in the the next couple of weeks, you could use some fun in the sun. Because with all of the cold-weather chores approaching fast, “Ain't nobody got time for that!”


 8. What else could you possibly be doing over Christmas Break?

It's time to accept the fact that after a few days at home, you will be itching to get out. Interactions with little siblings will make you wish Wolfman’s chemistry class had online classroom sessions. Past arguments with your parents will start to boil up, and you'll ache to get out and support your Eagles in person. Take a chance, and avoid the family golf game you would be attending instead (for those of us in warmer climates...).

Chi Chi Trick Shot

7. Get the chance to procure that once-in-a-lifetime merchandise.


Where else can you find a 48-ounce holographic cup with Andre Williams' hulking body rippled out in 3D optics? The merchandise offered at bowl games is priceless—whether you land yourself a T-shirt chirping at the other team’s mascot, or a tank-top with a not-so-nice pun on it —they are truly one of a kind.

6. It's your last chance to seriously tailgate at a football game for an entire year.

While the tailgating outside of Alumni Stadium can be entertaining, there is nothing like bowl game tailgating. With no fear of RDs patrolling the Mods, you and your friends can enjoy tailgating in a non-sweaty, uncrowded setting. And hey—if you're lucky enough, you can even reach the level of craziness of these two handsome devils:


5. Most stadiums don’t offer Natty Light.

For those BC students who are over 21, Natty Light is the go-to drink. And although the hops of such a revered beer are to die for, most students could definitely use a break. To our dismay, no stadium in the United States offers Natural Light, which will force BC students to “downgrade” to other premium beers.


4. Get caught in the crowd.


Bowl games mean televised games. Televised games mean the opportunity to act a fool on national television. One moment of raw emotion captured by the cameraman can turn into a lifelong memory to show your grand kids.


3. It's Andre Williams' last game as an Eagle.

It’s hard to believe this moment has come. I’m currently choking back tears as I write this. Andre Williams--GASP--will no longer be our star running back after this game. No longer can we watch in awe at his pure athleticism. No longer can we brag to our friends at other colleges that we actually have a Heisman-worthy candidate. Win or lose, Andre’s performance will probably leave you with a similar reaction to this one:


2. Support the team that literally blew us all away.

Coming to BC, I never expected to have a football season with a positive record. With the 2012 season finishing at 2-10, I prepared myself for the worst. To my—and the entire school’s—pleasant surprise, BC had an incredible season. Finishing 7-5 in the regular season, the Boston College football team deserves the school’s unwavering support. The best way to thank Coach Addazio, Athletic Director Brad Bates and the rest of the staff and team who helped to make this season what it was: Go to the bowl game.


1. Watch BC win.

The most important reason to go to the bowl game this year is to watch BC win. The last time BC won a bowl game was 2007 over Michigan State. We don’t know if BC will ever get to another bowl game in our time here. If you make the choice to attend the Boston College game, I can promise you that you will be rewarded.


As an example, watch this young man’s reaction to an upset he never thought would occur. The sense of euphoria this man experiences as he tilts his head back, letting out a throaty roar, is probably the greatest moment of his life. If you want a moment like this, go to the bowl game.

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