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Your Holiday Shopping List Made Easy

Amidst the twinkling lights and bouts of holiday cheer lays a not so cheerful reminder of the endless holiday gifts you have yet to buy. Most of us don’t mind a little festive shopping, but with college friends, friends from home, family, and more, buying a gift for every person on your list adds up to a frightening total. It could take days to scope out every store in your town to complete your list. Since no one wants to be the Scrooge that shows up to the Christmas party empty handed, we’ve come up with some creative, cheap gift ideas that will put all your loved ones in the Christmas spirit.

To: Mom and Dad

A scrapbook -  Fill up a scrapbook with heartfelt mementos and pictures of all of you spending time together. They’ll love that you took the time to make something for them.

Blow up a family picture - Taking an old pic into Walgreens or CVS is a fast and easy way to re-create a past vacation or memory. Put it in a nice frame and check the ‘rents off your list.

To: Friends from home

Raid the BC bookstore - What’s more convenient than shopping for your friends right on campus? Grab a hat, scarf, shot glass (for decoration purposes), or T-shirt for all your friends from different schools. There are plenty of sales going on, so don’t worry about having to narrow down the list too much.

Baked goods - Since college basically means being deprived of anything homemade, take the time when you’re home and whip up some yummy goodies for each of your friends. Who would ever say no to some holiday cookies?

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

To: Friends at school

Home décor - Buying a gift for each person in your eight-man or Mod might get a little pricey. Instead, get something for the whole place, like a cool rug for the living room or a poster to put up on the wall. That way, you’ll all be able to enjoy the gift.

Gift basket - Don’t know how to spend all your left over meal plan money? Many of the dining halls on campus put together gift baskets that you can purchase with your dining bucks. The baskets are filled with candy and cute Christmas decorations.

To: Your sister

Tie Blanket - The great thing about tie blankets is that they’re easy to make, cheap, and you can pick out the material in almost any color or design. She’ll love cozying up to one during the cold months to come!

Plan a spa date - Nothing beats quality time with your sis, so if you don’t feel like picking something out, schedule a facial or massage for the two of you. The best part about this gift? You get to enjoy it too.

To: Your brother

Sports Memorabilia - We know, typical boy’s gift, but brothers are hard to shop for! Find out his favorite team/player, and search eBay for a vintage, one-of-a-kind jersey. If you’re going to splurge a little, find something autographed. eBay offers plenty of great steals if you’re willing to dig around a little.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

To: Your significant other

Coupons - Yes, you could try and come up with the cutest, most romantic gift in the world, but chances are you might come off looking lame, or creepy or both. Instead, make some creative coupons, like “One free meal on me” or “One night in my company.” Come up with some things you both enjoy and can do together. So much cuter, and it saves you a trip to the mall.


So with these great suggestions, don’t let the gift-giving frenzy bog you down this holiday season. We’ve got the gifts covered, all that’s left is for you to enjoy being with your friends and family. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about.


Feature image courtesy of Pinterest.