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BC Bros Got More Than Just Back

It’s that time of year again: Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah” resounds through the Mods as the men of Mod 27 take off their clothes to the cheers of Boston College students. The lyrics demanding that men “zip their lips” and just let her “hit that.” It’s finals season!


As you all know, classes ended today, but before exams start on Saturday, Mod 27 will host the traditional end-of-finals event: Strip Mod. The male residents of the mod will choreograph and perform an elaborate strip tease for a cheering audience. But do you think these guys are stripping voluntarily, or are they doing it because they feel like they have to in order to please the demanding ladies of Boston College?

Have we considered that the residents of 27 are going to be half-naked in this cold December weather? This means that not only are they exposing their bodies to the judgemental feminine eye, but to the harsh elements as well! The environment Strip Mod creates seems to be a little extreme as it is just for entertainment’s sake. The participants have probably been starving themselves in preparation for this event in a desperate attempt to live up to the unreasonable beauty standards perpetuated by Ken dolls, He-man action figures, and Calvin Klein models. Even has promised to stop sexist Super Bowl ads that denigrate women. Meanwhile men are stuck having to live up to this standard:


When interviewed, a sophomore, who asked to remain anonymous, explained how he looked forward to senior housing selection with trepidation, “I just hope my friends and I don’t get stuck in the Strip Mod, I’m worried I might turn to steroid use out of desperation for that ‘perfect body’ all the girls want.”

The objectification of the men on this campus is rampant.  Whether it is, the shameless ogling of the CSOM men in their suits, or simply lingering on the elliptical just a minute longer in order to catch a guy’s final set of squats, it is clear that the men of Boston College are seen as objects by the women on campus. One senior Arts and Sciences student complained that when he talks to a girl “all she wants to know is if I’m in CSOM, and if I say I’m not, she just walks away. It’s like, guys have more to offer than a finance major!”

The hook-up culture is exhausting for the males on campus who are just looking to settle down with a girl who will commit to a monogamous relationship. Ladies: these guys are tired of overhearing about our latest sexual conquests in the omelette line in Lower! They are not looking to be just another notch in our lipstick cases!

Guys deserve more than a "poke" to know that you're interested

Guys deserve more than a "poke" to know that you're interested

We as women need to take the first step towards change: stop with the late-night booty call texts, poking on Facebook and the ogling at the plex (or at least be more subtle about it). Some men feel like they cannot even attend yoga or spin classes, worrying that their choice in exercise apparel might lead to unwarranted attention. These are REAL MEN with REAL FEELINGS, we need to treat them as such.

That said, I’m totally going to see the show and all of you should too, just maybe take your next guy out to dinner first? Or at least put his real name in your contacts, not just “Nice Pecs”.

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