An “Unexpected Journey” to the Movies Part Two

After a year of waiting, Hobbit fans can rejoice once again with the premiere of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” “Smaug” features even more excitement and action and less Tolkien jargon than the first so casual moviegoers might enjoy this sequel more than the first part.

If you missed last year’s live tweets of An Unexpected Journey to the movies then feel free to join me as I try to narrate my own quest to reclaim my inner Hobbit. So take a break from studying and enjoy my commentary from your dorms or take your own journey to the movies. Unlike Emily, I am a huge LOTR and Hobbit fan—more of a nerd really—so I’m pretty darn biased. I think Peter Jackson did a great job with all of the LOTR movies and has turned The Hobbit from a children’s book into a thrilling, dark, and action-packed movie series. So, for all you in Middle Earth or Chestnut Hill, enjoy my sleep-deprived tweets of Smaug!


11:27 ok random guy on the T, I don’t think Gandalf was smoking THAT in his pipe #Unexpected #Journey

11:38 Seated and there is not one hobbit, elf, or dwarf #Disappointed

12:07 Movie starting on time #ThatWas #Unexpected

12:10 Peter Jackson with a guest appearance by the #PrancingPony

12:39 I wish I had Gloin’s beard #DwarfSwag

12:44 “Search me, I could have anything down my trousers” “Or nothing” #OoohhKillem #Tauirel

1:33 #ByMyBeard It’s Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror! Can I get a name like that? #JohnSonOfDaveSonOfJerry #NotTheSame

1:40 A vote for #Thorin is a vote for a better Lonely Mountain #ThorinAndBagginsFor2016

1:51 That is one big dragon…They’re gonna need a #BiggerBoat

2:02 Yes Bilbo, keep sucking up to #SmaugTheStupendous

2:05 Bilbo v. #SmaugTheStupendous aka Watson v. Holmes #SherlockTBT #BBC

2:19 Kili crushing on Tauriel #ImagineTheKids

2:27 “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood”-Legolas

2:39 ….What?!?! #CliffhangersForDays #Smaug

2:45 Overall Opinion? Great for #HobbitFans AND #PotterFans @LeBakinator (Emily Akin)


Images courtesy of Tumblr

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