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How BC Changes During Finals Week

It’s here: finals week. The dreaded days of turning Bapst into your primary home and trading in your Nantucket Reds for BC sweats are upon us. As we realize all of those readings we thought wouldn’t matter are apparently on the cumulative final, students across all four schools are swamped with unimaginable amounts of work. The constant stress and intensity can often take its toll and make everyone on BC’s campus go a little crazy. Inevitably, with the start of finals, the campus that we love starts to change:


1. Where did the chocolate milk go?

I don’t know if you, reader, are a chocolate milk aficionado like myself, but I cannot be the only one who notices this disturbing fact. Mac, Lower, the Rat, and Hillside have all been drained of any chocolate milk. I’m genuinely asking where all of this milk went. Is there a secret ingredient making you smarter, more focused or just plain cool? Who knew that chocolate milk was seventeen times more popular in the last weeks of a semester than at any other point in time. Basically, may someone in the chocolate milk black market call me when you have the chance? You are probably swamped this time of year.

2. What not to wear

BC’s own Clinton Kelly would faint at the site of our campus’ fashion situation right now. The “dress well, test well” philosophy definitely does not apply to BC students while we are studying. I actually enjoy seeing many of my classmates go beyond these superficial barriers. It proves that past all the partying at the Strip Mod and late nights at MA’s, BC students do hold much integrity in their schoolwork. On the other hand, the sexual tension on campus is at an all-time low during finals. Then again, I don’t know how seeing your History class crush after three days of not showering will turn out for you, but I can make an educated guess. I recently spotted a man walking around barefoot in Bapst library. Kudos, sir, because you just took comfort while studying to unchartered territory.

3. Empty vending machines

Much like the great mystery of the chocolate milk, the vending machines in BC libraries have been completely emptied. The Reese’s, the Rice Krispies, the Doritos…gone. This begs the question, are people just not leaving the library at all? Are we all just running on empty fumes and orange Cheetos dust? Mac and Lower are open, people, it’s time you enjoy protein.

4. Altered Plex hours

I’m convinced that if the Plex were privatized and competitive on the free-market, it would be the wealthiest gym in town. BC kids love the Plex, but no one is there! Playing pick up basketball, squash, tennis, zumba, Buns, Guns, & Abs class-- that’s our thing. Instead we are running up and down O’Neill’s stairs five times a day printing out The Economist articles and thirty-page study guides. You just know something is amiss when the Plex is closing early.

 5. Weird stuff on Facebook

I don’t know if I love it or hate it, but Facebook becomes the epitome of weird during finals week. This is apparently what happens when all of Generation Y is trapped in a library for hours on end. There is currently a Buzzfeed article in circulation titled “17 Times In 2013 When Anne Hathaway Made Us Lose Our Faith In Hatmanity: Oh the hatastrophes.” Those of you who choose the procrastination route should really read it over because it is hilarious, but it’s something we would never see published any other time of year. There is also a fantastic amount of cat videos and videos of people slipping on ice. Some took Facebook procrastination to another level this year, commenting and liking pictures from 2007. 2007! Contemplate the commitment those people had to be scrolling down someone’s profile all the way back until 2007. Highlighting the horrible outfits we wore, or those deeply “emotional” seventh grade status updates, this form of procrastination has the perfect combination of embarrassing and hilarious. Keep at your weirdness, Facebook. It may just be saving the sanity we have left.

Finals time definitely brings its own set of idiosyncrasies to campus, but hopefully this will all be over before we know it. At least we know our school cares about us:

Screenshot by Carolina Menendez

Screenshot by Carolina Menendez

Images courtesy of Gavel Media. 

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