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Opinion: The Shortcomings of Liberal Media

What it comes down to is not whether a news channel is liberal or conservative, but the fact that mainstream media sources today are corporations. They are corporate giants with a whole lot of power, and in order to convey the business label they want, they have to make decisions based off of how they want the public to perceive them. While Martin Bashir’s comments, for example, may have been accurate, they were completely inappropriate.

The Original:

It’s one thing to debunk Sarah Palin’s nonsensical political opinions, but it’s another to go about it in a distasteful manner. This cannot be rebutted. It is more important now than ever for these news sources to display exemplary broadcasting behavior. Political media has gotten to a point where, if - for example - MSNBC messes up, it does not only reflect poorly on MSNBC, but it discredits the public opinion of liberal politics as a whole. This kind of mistake does not only only hinder MSNBC, it hinders the Democratic Party. Same goes for Fox News; how many of you, after watching the Fox News interviews that went viral over the Internet this past year, despised the views of conservative politics?

MSNBC had the foresight to realize that the actions of its anchors have serious repercussions throughout the main stage of political opinion. For them, they had no other choice but to have Martin Bashir resign his position. In doing so, they have shown that they do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. But the same should hold for other networks as well.

The Apology:

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