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What happens when the kid you kinda-sorta know from your English class gets into line behind you at Lower? Or when you accidentally grab the seat in the Rat next to the kid you made it onto BC makeouts with?  Or when you bump into that girl from your freshmen orientation group in the CTRC? You immediately go to your BC small talk in order to make that awkward and uncomfortable conversation a little bit more bearable. It’s the, “Hey, how’s it going?” that you ask with fake sincerity. It’s the smile and the nod of recognition. It’s the mutually acknowledged, “I’m going to try and avoid doing the BC look away, but this is actually really painful for me and let’s make it quick” dialogue.

We’ve started to notice some patterns about this small talk recently and we’ve discovered that it seems to change with the seasons. So we’ve compiled a list of all the monotonous conversation starters that BC kids say throughout the year. Any of these sound familiar?


"How was your summer?"

"How was your summer—where are you from again?"

"What classes are you taking?"

"Where are you living?"

"Ugh, don’t want classes to begin."

"So excited to be back!"

"What’s your major again?"

"How’d you end up doing in ________ (insert class you took together here)?"


"What are you being for Halloween?"

"Are you going home for Columbus Day weekend?" (Only the bold will also add, "Christopher Columbus was a jerk and I don’t even get why we have this holiday.")

Photo via Gavel Media

Photo courtesy of Gavel Media

"How are your classes going?"

"What’s your major?" (Always a classic.)

"I love October, such good weather."

"Going to the football game this weekend?"


"Are you going home for Thanksgiving?"

"How was your Thanksgiving?"

"How are your midterms?"

"How are your classes?"

"What’s your major?"

"It’s so cold outside!"

"When’s your pick time?"

"Did you get the classes you wanted?"

"Ugh, I have all 10 a.m.s next semester—so early!" (No sarcasm. Daylight isn’t for some people.)


"How is your finals schedule?"

"How was your final?"

"Did you get a good spot in the library?" (To the people who sleep in the booths in O’Neill-- That’s cheating!)

"How much meal plan money do you have left?"

"Will you pay for my meal?" (Have to know this person a bit more on a personal level... unless you’re desperate—then ask away!)

"How was your semester?"

"When do you go home for break?"

"It’s so freaking cold!"

"Are you going abroad?"

"What are you doing for break?"


"Woo! Glad to back!"

"How was your break?"

"What did you do over break?"

"I’m never going outside again."

"I hate this weather."

Image via Gavel Media

Image courtesy of Gavel Media


"I’m having an anti-Valentines day party in my room. We’re drinking wine and eating chocolate." (This one’s for girls usually, but I don’t discriminate. Guys, you do you!)

"It’s cold outside."

"Did you go to class today? I didn’t. I checked the weather and went back to sleep."

"What are you doing for housing next year?"

"What are you doing for housing next year??? Because I got kicked out of my group."


"What are you doing for spring break?"

"How was your spring break?"

Image via Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest










"Do you remember your spring break? I don’t."

"How was Appa?"

"How was Cancun?"

"How was home? (Insert pity face)"

"How are your midterms going?"

"It’s so cold. I think I have windburn."

"I went to the Mods last week in sweats, lol." (#WorthIt)


"Do you have a good pick time?"

"Did you get the classes you wanted?"marathon monday

"How was your Easter?"

"Did you go crazy on Marathon Monday?"

"How are your classes?"

"I think it reached 40 degrees today. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."


"How’s your final schedule?"

"How was that final?"

"When are you studying for that exam?"

"When are you going home?"

"What are you doing for the summer?"

"Looking forward to a break?"

"Where are you living next year?"

"Are you interning this summer?"

"Are you scared about graduating?"

"What are you doing with your life?" (A bit dramatic but I’ve actually been asked this…)

"Ugh—the real world!"


Briefly lose contact with BC people.


Briefly lose contact with BC people. OR study abroad and begin small talk all over again. OR go on random trips to random states because you no longer have hometown friends and BC people are all you have.


(Through text and/or Facebook posts/tweets)

"Can’t wait to go back to school!"

Image via Instagram/Bostoncollege

Image courtesy of Instagram/Bostoncollege


"Such a great summer, but looking forward to being back at BC!"


"Back at BC! #rage #mods #NewYearNewMe #PrettiestSchool #GassonGram"





Okay, so I might have thrown in a few things that only apply to me, but hopefully you still get the message. Either commit to the BC look away or ask some more interesting questions, people! Buddy had it right when he said, “Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?”

Well, actually that might just make things a bit more awkward. So keep to your boring questions, but maybe just ask them with a bit more genuine enthusiasm?

Featured image courtesy of Pinterest. 
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