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Why Soon-to-be “Neading” Will be a Hit

As college students, our lives pretty much revolve around one thing, and I think you all can guess what that is. That thing we run to at the end of a long day, that sweet release that never fails to cheer us up, the one thing we can always count on…yes, Netflix was pretty much made for the college student.  Almost nothing beats lying on your bed after a hard exam with nothing to think about except what series you want to start next.


For a mere $7.99 a month, individuals all across the country have access to hundreds of television shows and movies at the click of a button. We all love to waste away an afternoon mindlessly indulging in season four of Gossip Girl or the latest series of Walking Dead. Yet, amidst this television frenzy often comes that little voice nagging in the back of our mind urging us to put down the computers and pick up something of the intellectual form. But ugh, where could we possibly find something that could compare to the effortless beauty of Netflix that could also stimulate some brainpower? Well, the answer might involve keeping that computer turned on after all.

Recently, there has been much buzz about a start-up website similar to Netflix, but with books instead of shows. The makers of Neading, which have coined their name as “Netflix for reading,” are in the midst of creating a virtual library that will leave users hooked. With a small charge, you will be able to have an online library available right on your computer. The site has yet to be finished, but users can expect to have access to it within the next year. Although the site hasn’t released many details, we can think of a few reasons on our own as to why we’re signing up. Here’s why the world needs something like Neading:

1) Reading a good book is just as rewarding as getting lost in a television show.

2) Kindles are great, but not everyone wants to purchase yet another electronic device.

3) Secretly, we’re all pretty lazy. Having access to tons of books without having to trek to a library? Yeah, we’re all for that.

4) With all the required reading we have during the year, sometimes we forget about how enjoyable leisurely reading can be.

5) Science! No one can deny the positive mental health benefits reading can have, such as improving memory and reducing stress

6) No headphones required. Neading will provide that perfect, inconspicuous distraction we know you won’t be using during class…

7) Finally, there’s only so many times you can watch Chuck and Blair bash it out before wanting to throw something.

As the cerebral superstars you all are, we know you can’t wait to release your inner bookworm. Be sure to check the web for when Neading finally hits go.

Images courtesy of Gavel Media/Christie Merino. 
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