Girls Season 3, Two-Part Premiere: Females Only & Truth or Dare

“ I hope you two just enjoy your urine-soaked life…”- Natalia (Adam’s pissed off ex-girlfriend)

Last night, in order to cope with end-of-break-blues, my roommate and I decided to watch tons of television.  We wanted to save the best (Girls) for last, so we decided to watch Don Jon, a movie about a struggling porn-addict-guido (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who eventually realizes that a real life romantic relationship is actually better than anything he has watched on NO WAY?! Sorry if I ruined that for you. But not actually sorry—I’m doing you a favor. Apparently, it was well received by critics. But seeing that this is my blog, I’m going to go ahead and disregard the critics and pretend I’m the film connoisseur. It was a mind numbing experience (I mean that in a bad way).

Anyway, my point is that I was ready for Girls (and the love of my life—Lena Dunham) to restore my faith in humanity. I was actually excited by the prospect of seeing Lena Dunham’s boobs for the millionth time. Don’t judge me. After seeing 90 minutes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a pompadour haircut, you’d be ready for some Lena Dunham boobs too. Sadly, I was disappointed.  And no, it has nothing to do with the minimal nudity. Jeez, you pervs.tumblr_mzbf7stlpi1rlcanyo2_500

When my friends and I first started watching Girls, we loved it because it felt so real and relatable. Lena Dunham was finally putting our generation on the screen. I’d watch an episode and think—that, that’s it. She gets me. She really gets me. She was tapping into the jobless/selfie/millennial generation’s greatest fears and challenges. And she was portraying authentic female friendship for the first time in a long time. As cheesy as it may sound, the Girls that I saw on the screen, broke post-grads living in NYC & trying to figure out their lives, seemed to be future versions of my friends and me. But, as the show has progressed, it has lost that element of relatability. Maybe Lena Dunham is trying to get away from that social-commentary/moral-of-the-story type episodes, and make it more of an average television show…less loaded and more focused on the characters and their lives. Regardless, I just can’t seem to relate to them, with all of their over-the-top eccentricities, anymore.

So, the two-part premiere was a bit of a let down, but I haven't given up hope. I’ll keep watching 'cause All Adventurous Women Do.

Here are some of my innermost thoughts and feelings about the premiere:

They tried to make Jessa go to rehab but she said…

No, no, no. Sorry, that joke was just too easy.


Thank you, Amy Winehouse. Is anyone else completely exhausted by Jessa? Her bohemian-rapunzel-hair and first world problems are just about to push me over the edge. There were times, in the past, when I liked that she danced to her own beat. But that beat is now starting to make me go deaf.  She is infuriating me. I want her to grow up, and deal with her issues like the rest of the girls have (maybe) started to. I miss the old Jessa-Hannah friendship and tub-bonding. Hopefully, we’ll get back to that.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.40.09 PM

Lena Dunham’s killin’ it…

...with that haircut.  I’m obsessed. I actually think her haircut might’ve been the best part of the episode.  Is she perfect, or is she perfect…?



Shoshanna, can you just not exist?

I get why Shoshanna’s character exists in the show, but I’m just ready for her to… cease to exist. Ya feel me? I find myself rolling my eyes through her random nonsensical rants. (Take a shot every time she says “like”, and you’ll end up in St. Elizabeth’s within the hour). She’s too much of an exaggeration or me.  But I guess at least she’s getting laid. And she stopped doing those weird edible-arrangement-esque hairstyles. Progress?



Actually, can Marnie just not exist? I have no words. And her mom....don't even get me started. It's too painful to watch.

Adam and Hannah…maybe sorta have a functional relationship?

I guess they found their own sense of “normal”…and it’s working for them. Adam is also newly philosophical and insightful. I actually found myself agreeing with some of the things he said (Adam: I don’t catalogue my mind. It’s unhealthy, Shoshanna: Adam, you are, like, so dementedly helpful). Maybe Adam and Hannah will end up riding into the urine-saturated sunset…and it won’t be so bad.

It’s still authentic, and self aware


And we’ve got to commend them on that. The show’s writers know how to make fun of themselves, and the characters that they’ve created. Of course Hannah Horvath tries to have a Don-Henley-Jack-Kerouac road trip experience. And it’s funny because they’re acknowledging the fact that, yes, Hannah is self-obsessed and endlessly trying to be unique. But that’s okay, because we aren’t taking it too seriously (and neither are they).

Until next week, Girls and Boys. Stay adventurous.

Tune into Girls Sundays at 10 p.m.

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