Sorry, We’re Not Sorry: 9 Things BC Students Should No Longer Have to Apologize For

The pride that comes with calling oneself an Eagle also carries a heavy burden of defending the ways in which we live to outsiders. But why should we apologize for showing school pride in a variety of fun and unique ways? Here are nine things BC students should no longer have to apologize for:

1. Living in Brighton/Allston

Students living on Greycliff, Gerald, Foster and Kirkwood can attest to the fact that certain residents of Brighton are less than happy to see college students moving into the houses at the beginning of every semester. As a major housing spot for college students, it’s pretty safe to assume that this neighborhood will see its fair share of rowdy evenings and messy mornings, and that’s just fine with us.

2. The Sieve Chant

With or without the support of the Pep band and the administration, the sieve chant will live on as one of the greatest college sporting traditions. The only thing worth apologizing for is the guy who brings his own cowbell trying to coordinate the chant. You’re trying too hard, friend.

3. Posting #GassonGrams

Gasson Hall reigns superior to any building on this campus. The bell tolls every quarter hour and can be heard across campus, reminding students of simpler times when people actually looked at an analog clock. Despite all of the lovely things the modern day smartphone has forever replaced, BC students are forever indebted to their camera phones and its ability to snap a picture of Gasson at any time. Whether in the quad or the top of Edmonds, every #GassonGram is unique and should be cherished.

4. Being “too preppy”

Burberry jackets, Longchamp bags, L.L. Bean boots and polo shirts have flocked back to campus for spring semester. Do they all look the same? Sure, but we all shouldn’t have to apologize for having a similar fashion sense.

5. Having a Chestnut Hill address

The first time my mom tried to send me a package she was shocked to learn that the address line had to read Chestnut Hill instead of Boston. “But don’t you go to Boston College? I don’t get it.” The fact that BC once resided in South Boston is almost irrelevant today. BC is a staple in the Boston community regardless of the mailing address.

6. Complaining about the Million Dollar Stairs

The Million Dollar Stairs are one feature of BC’s campus that will stick in any persons mind, no matter how brief their stay. Living on Lower probably means that you frequent the Maloney elevator more than the outdoor stairs, but you still have the right to complain. It’s exhausting just to look at them.

7. Wanting to live in the Mods

It starts out before we even get accepted to BC. The desire to call oneself an Eagle can only be topped by calling oneself a resident of the Mods senior year. The tailgating, the parties, and the freshmen: all of these are things that residents of the Mods love and love to hate. According to BC’s 10 Year Plan, the Mods will be disappearing in the near future. To future classes: May the odds be ever in your favor.

8. The BC Bubble

Boston is at the fingertips of every BC student, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the comforting bubble that a traditional college campus creates. It is, after all, one of the perks of being slightly distanced from the hectic city life: the real world is a harsh place that we have the rest of our lives to deal with, so when a trip to Dunkin Donuts elicits a groan, don’t apologize. It really is fine.

9. Complaining about the T

The T may be a major factor in why some students are so reluctant to burst the bubble. For those that were not warned by an RA or upperclassmen, freshman year on the B line can be aggravating, to say the least. Even taking the D line and the Comm Ave bus gets old for a weary college traveler. Overall, the Green line could really use a makeover.

Featured image courtesy of Gavel Media.
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