5 Ways to Beat the Back from Break Blues

As much as we all love BC, sometimes it’s hard to leave our Christmas vacation behind and get ready to face the realities of our busy lives at school. Not only will we miss our beloved families, friends, and pets, but we’ve also been homework and exam free for the past three weeks. However, instead of returning to campus with heavy hearts lugging our even heavier suitcases up the endless flights of stairs, us returning Eagles should have bright and eager smiles on our faces! Here are 5 ways you can avoid the back to school blues.


1.     Eat, Eat, Eat

For those of us with meal plans, one of the best parts about second semester is that these meal plans renew. That means no more scrounging for pennies to pay for that necessary caramel latte at the Chocolate Bar and no more skipping Eagles Nest because you can’t afford their delicious paninis.   So take advantage of your newfound wealth and hit up all your favorite spots. I promise you that a really good BC baked treat will make you forget all about how much you miss mama’s cooking.

 2.     See your friends

This one seems obvious, but what I’m suggesting is not to glue yourself to your two best friends and ignore the rest of the BC community. Reach out to those friends that you maybe lost touch with during finals week and break, and extend a simple lunch or coffee invite. First of all, they haven’t heard all the minute details of your break that your besties have already been subjected to, so they can act as a genuine and interested listener. In addition, they can jolt you out of the monotonous class, work, and meals routine with the same people every single day. The anticipation of seeing an old friend and the feel-good vibes you’ll no doubt have post-reunion will keep you from falling into a second semester depression.

3.     Go into Boston

One of the best parts about going to BC is the fact that the entire city of Boston is at our fingertips. While it’s a given that our campus is about as beautiful as any college campus could get, it would be a crime to spend another semester solely on BC soil. From concerts (I recommend Arctic Monkeys this February) to bars (for the over 21 crowd) to even just dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants - you can’t go wrong. Chances are your hometown doesn’t have 50+ universities, 20+ museums, ace sports teams, and the best chowder in the world.


4.     Get organized

One of my favorite parts about college is that second semester is basically like a new year: new classes, new grades, and a chance to start over. Take advantage of the “new year, new me” mantra, and get organized. Buy new notebooks and folders that are color-coordinated and look pretty in your backpack. Actually unpack your bags and fold your clothes (revolutionary, I know) instead of just living out of your suitcase for the next month. And get focused. No matter what happened with grades or friendships first semester, now is the perfect time to revamp your life and refocus your goals. There’s nothing like being a man or woman on a mission to distract you from any lingering back to school blues.


5.     Become a Superfan

Last, but certainly not least, coming back to BC for spring semester means more hockey, more basketball and hopefully more wins! The Beanpot is on its way, and hopefully BC will be poised to win its 5th straight title, cementing our dominance over the other universities. In addition, the men’s basketball team, often overlooked, put up a valiant fight against the undefeated Syracuse this past Monday, only losing by 10. The atmosphere at any BC sporting event is what makes them unforgettable: the chants, the songs, and the cheers will remind you that here at BC, we are a family above all. Eagles stick together, and even if your immediate family is far away, BC welcomes you back with open arms.

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