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#DownloadBoston Recognizes Local Apps

Boston distinguishes itself as a desirable and fairly affordable city for young people. With a reputation for great education, a friendly atmosphere and high average income, Boston draws intelligent young people from all over the country.

A significant but perhaps under-publicized reason for Boston's popularity is its diverse and rising startup community. There is a plethora of job opportunities in startups, but many people remain unaware of the rich startup community that has churned out some of their favorite apps.

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“Boston has gained a reputation as a hotbed for biotech, robotics and enterprise, but consumer companies have had trouble in the past, a stigma that is slowly fading with the help of the upcoming IPO of, a Waltham company,” The Boston Herald reports. Many innovative Bostonians are not receiving the recognition they deserve, and #DownloadBoston is speaking up about it.

#DownloadBoston, a movement started and run by Boston native Tom O’Keefe, aims to boost awareness of Boston-based apps. “We should know and be supporting our local startups,” O’Keefe said to the Boston Herald.

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“The vast majority of the population here can’t name one or two startups that are based here in Boston,” claims O'Keefe. Students and locals alike might not even know they are using apps that were created in Boston, such as RunKeeper, Pingup and CO Everywhere.

O’Keefe’s goal is to push for more lobbying force and general awareness of Boston-based startups. The aim of this added publicity is to strengthen the local economy by increasing job opportunities and by expanding the community itself.

Accordingly, #DownloadBoston urges media to heighten exposure for local startups. O’Keefe has focused his attention on the consumer mobile startups but has in effect strengthened the entire startup community by drawing attention to Boston-based apps.

Tom O'Keefe may be best known for his popular Boston-based twitter @BostonTweets. Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Tom O'Keefe may be best known for his popular Boston-based twitter @BostonTweets.
Photo courtesy of Twitter.

O’Keefe has brought the community of mobile startups together under his movement and has been using social media to his advantage. With Facebook and Twitter, O’Keefe has attempted to raise awareness of local apps among many media sources including CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

The cooperation of startups is imperative for the startup community, says Sarah Hodges, co-founder of startup educator and former director of marketing at RunKeeper. “We just have so many really fantastic services in Boston,” Hodges said to the Boston Herald.

An added benefit of the movement is the collaboration among Boston startups that #DownloadBoston foments.“There’s never been a really good way to aggregate them and put them in one place," says Hodges. O’Keefe, it appears, has managed to do just that.

Featured screenshots via RunKeeper, PingUp, and CO Everywhere.
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