Is Florida Transfer Tyler Murphy The Quarterback BC Needs?

If Boston College’s game against Arizona in the AdvoCare V100 Bowl were a low-budget Disney film, the overbearingly obvious moral that would come from it is this: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

With the completion of the last series of the 45th game of his collegiate career, Chase Rettig jogged off Independence Field in Shreveport, Louisiana as one of the most enigmatic athletes ever to have graced the turf of Alumni Stadium.

Owner of four consecutive years of a Passer Rating of at least 105.5, over 8,000 yards passing, and 52 career touchdown passes, Rettig did more than a serviceable job as lead play-caller for the Eagles. Many SuperFans, however, took Rettig for granted. Even on his off days, he was better than many other schools quarterbacks were.

With Rettig having played his last snap as an Eagle, BC turns toward the 2014-15 campaign facing a startling reality. Fifth year Florida Gators transfer Tyler Murphy may be the best available option at the helm for Coach Addazio for the upcoming season.

Murphy, originally recruited to Gainesville in 2009 by Addazio (man, that guy’s everywhere) did not play a single down until this past year. Filling in for injured starter Jeff Driskel, Murphy threw for six touchdowns and five interceptions in the seven games he played, going 3-4 for the Gators.

Considering the kind of talent that the Gator organization has – they earned a date with Louisville in 2012 to the Sugar Bowl after a 10-2 season – Murphy’s numbers are what you’d describe as “underwhelming.” Moreover, he may not be the solution SuperFans want to see at what you’d describe as “the most important position on the roster.”

Quibble as you may, Murphy may be BC’s best choice moving forward.

Anyone who made it through to the fourth quarter of the AdvoCare V100 bowl got a sneak peak of current junior Josh Bordner, who led a 94-yard scoring drive as the clock expired. Unfortunately, this factoid is drastically misleading. Ten of the twelve plays from that drive were handoffs, and Bordner only completed one pass.

Myles Willis' sophomore campaign will now be paired with dynamic UF transfer Tyler Murphy. Photo courtesy of Anthony Golden / Gavel Media.

Myles Willis' sophomore campaign will now be paired with dynamic UF transfer Tyler Murphy. Photo courtesy of Anthony Golden / Gavel Media.

While it is more than unfair to assume Bordner is not capable of becoming the quarterback version of Andre Williams and reinventing himself just in time to challenge for the Heisman as an upperclassman, it appears he may already have been passed on the depth chart by mid-year enrollee Darius Wade.

At 6-foot-1, 186 pounds, what Wade lacks in size, he makes up for with explosive acceleration and startling on-the-run throwing accuracy. A dual-threat quarterback is certainly something worth salivating over, especially for a run-heavy scheme like Addazio’s.

What Tyler Murphy has working for himself, though, is that unlike Wade, Bordner, or current freshman and fellow former Addazio recruit James Walsh (Walsh switched his commitment from Temple to BC when Addazio switched head coaching jobs), he has the age and experience to back up his game.

One school of thought says that since Murphy has already had to face the stiff competition of the SEC, he should be primed to have a huge year with an ACC program.

Being from the University of Florida does not necessarily make him a big-game player, but what he has to offer to young quarterbacks Wade, Walsh and Bordner may prove invaluable.

The quarterback role on this team is wide open: a high profile transfer in Murphy, a dual threat in Wade, last year’s primary backup in Bordner, and Addazio’s recruit in Walsh.

Unless Murphy absolutely flourishes under Addazio’s tutelage, he’ll likely play a few games here and there before ultimately serving as an experienced peer to enhance the development of the younger quarterbacks on the roster... Let Part II of the Dave Shinskie era begin?

Don’t count out Murphy, though. Relegating him to Shinskie duty is premature, and a closer look into Murphy’s stats shows that he’s actually quite similar to Chase Rettig.

Coming in at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, he’s almost a physical replica of Rettig. His last four games, all of which were losses, were his worst four of the season. After a promising 3-0 start, he reverted to that enigmatic quarterback prototype with whom Boston College has grown to know all too well.

Let’s just hope Murphy is more of a Rettig than a Shinskie.

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