The 10 Things About Home that You Didn’t Expect to Miss

When headed off to college each semester, the first things I’m going to miss are my family, friends, and my adorable puppy: totally standard. As any freshman coming back from their first winter break will tell you though, sometimes the things you miss most will be surprising.

1. Driving a car

Most people don’t realize how much they miss driving until they get to do it again. The freedom of hopping in the car whenever you want and going wherever you want to go is liberating. Add some tunes and an old friend or sibling in the passenger seat, and you’ll never want to take the T again. Or the Comm Ave bus (you’ll probably still miss the Newton bus though, just cause it’s so fun).

2. Fires

After the arson last semester in Stokes and around campus, you might have thought you got enough of fire at BC. You were wrong. There’s nothing like curling up next to a roaring fire on a cold winter night. I’m sorry to say Lower dining hall just isn’t going to cut it.

3. Quiet

Living with 10,000 of your closest friends can be a blast. There is never a dull moment but, while that can be a ton of fun, it’s also exhausting. Home lets you take a breath and relax for as long as you need to, and not just during quiet hours--turning down the volume for a few weeks never hurt anybody.

4. Not using your BC ID

My BC ID is an extension of my body; I don’t go anywhere without that stupid blue card with my fatally attractive picture.  Sometimes I feel like my life at BC is an endless game of hide and seek with my ID. I’m constantly trying to keep track of it, using it to swipe for absolutely everything, and of course losing it on the regular. The ID is beyond essential here, so it’s nice be home, where I can enter my room without a security guard swiping me in.

5. Laundry

It’s FREE. And if you’re lucky, your mom does it for you. Clean underwear all the time? What could be better?! Your clothes won’t be thrown onto the ground if you don’t arrive promptly as the machine hits 0 (which is about 20 minutes after it says 1) and, best of all, any hair on your clothes is guaranteed to be your own!

6. Couches

I knew I would miss my own amazingly comfortable bed, no matter how many illegal foam mattresses I stacked up at school (kidding?). When I came home though, I realized just how nice it was to hang out on the couch. When BC kids aren’t out and about, we practically live in our beds (if we can keep from falling out of those extravagant twin XLs). Sure, there are couches in the common rooms and lounges, but it’s just not the same. At home, my bed is where you sleep (and don’t get me wrong, it's glorious), but nothing is better than catching up on my shows on the couch.

7. The Kitchen

Compared to other colleges, BC Dining is actually very impressive. That being said, it’s got nothing on a home-cooked meal. No standing in line for food, no making the treacherous walk to the dining hall in a foot of snow. You can even cook for yourself or pick out your own groceries (my favorite activity). You can eat anything you want at any time of the day without getting caught in Lite Fare. The food is hot, fresh, and its origin is never in question. Who wouldn’t miss that?

 8. The Shower

No shoes. No caddy. No roommates to worry about. And water pressure, glorious water pressure.

9. Not wearing real clothes

BC is one of my favorite places on Earth, but let’s be honest here: wearing sweatpants every day is hard to pull off. The dress code for Netflix on my couch, however, is sweatpants only, and I love every minute of it. Not to mention shoes – it’s practically a barefoot paradise. Who knew eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner without shoes on could be such a luxury? At home, getting ready in the morning means rolling out of bed…that’s it, and that’s beautiful.

10. Reading

After months and months of textbooks on textbooks, the last thing I think about when I come home is reading more. Nevertheless, there’s something about reading a book because I want to- not because I have to- that is incredibly refreshing. It’s almost impossible to do amidst all the work at school, so it’s a real treat to read for pleasure when I come home.

Photos courtesy of Flickr/channaher.