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Spring Semester Bucket List

As most of us already know, Boston springs to life during the springtime. With the sunshine, mild temperatures, and blossoming trees, the city is the ideal place to be on a Saturday afternoon as the weather warms up. While it may not be April yet, it’s never too early to begin crafting your spring semester bucket list. Make sure to explore new places and opportunities—both on and off campus—this spring in order to take full advantage of all that the semester has in store for you! (The Gavel has already started your list—you’re welcome.)

1.    Take advantage of your free student admission to the MFA and Aquarium.

BC students can enjoy free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts at any time just by flashing their student ID, as well as receive a discount at the New England Aquarium once a semester. Don’t let these cultural opportunities go to waste!

2.    See a show at Robsham or downtown.

Robsham Theater hosts a variety of dance performances and plays throughout the school year, which are a great opportunity to soak in some culture and support your classmates. Plus, the city offers many performances and improv shows on any given night, so there is always some sort of show for BC students to enjoy.

3.    Sample all the restaurants in Cleveland Circle.

Eagle’s Deli, The Real Deal, Chipotle, Starbucks… it’s all just a quick Comm Ave bus ride away! Take a break from Mac or Lower and taste all that Cleveland Circle has to offer.

4.    Attend a workout class at the Plex.

It’s not always easy to find time to exercise when the semester is in full swing, but scheduled group fitness classes provide a set time period for you to work out. Plus, there are tons of different options (some of them are even fun!), from cross fit to barre classes.

5.    Relax in the Common or Public Gardens.

The Common and the Public Gardens encapsulate the beauty of Boston in the spring. Either park is a great place to do homework while also enjoying nature—or to eat from one of the many food trucks while people watching.


6.    Sign up for a new club or volunteer group.

If you didn’t immerse yourself in groups on campus as much as you wanted to during the fall semester, now is your second chance! It’s never too late to join a new group or start volunteering, and the Spring Student Involvement Fair on January 23rd, from 6-8 p.m. in the Rat, offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

7.    See a Red Sox game.

Springtime means baseball in Boston, so hop on the green line and don’t stop ‘til you get to Kenmore. Whether you’re sitting behind home plate or standing beneath the Dunkin’ Donuts sign in right field, attending a Red Sox game is always a thrill. Just make sure to buy your tickets early because a World Series title means a hike in both prices and demand.

8.    Go to a movie at Loews Theater.

This movie theater, located on the Common, is one of the most accessible to BC students and always shows the most recent films.

9.    Attend a new on-campus sporting event.

While the end of hockey & basketball season is always a major bummer, there are lesser-known sports teams at campus that need support, too! Check out a volleyball game or tennis match to switch it up a bit and cheer on some different Eagles for a change.  

10. Celebrate Marathon Monday.

If you’re going home for Easter, be sure to make it back by Marathon Monday—one of BC students’ largest holidays- since our campus is located on the marathon route. Help cheer on the runners as they sweat their way up Heartbreak Hill this April.  

11. Plan a study sesh at the Boston Public Library.

The atmosphere within Bapst and O’Neill libraries can feel extremely stressful during finals week, as every student rushes to finish papers and cram for exams. If at all possible, venture downtown to the Boston Public Library for a change of scenery and change of pace.

12. Attend the spring concert / Modstock.

Last year Macklemore graced us with his presence at the Heights. Stay tuned for UGBC’s announcement of this year’s performer!

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