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The Three Types of Gold Pass Users

Despite the fact the Gold Pass has only been around for a semester, there are already some striking differences among its users. The uncertainty about how the Gold Pass point system truly works and the popularity of certain Boston College football or hockey games has illustrated the unique culture of SuperFans.

Some fans do not care about the Gold Pass. Some fans do not care about BC Athletics. And some fans are right in the middle of it. Dividing the SuperFans into three understandable groups, we bring you a simple guide to divulging the Gold Pass Fans:

The Ambivalent yet Concerned Fan

They wear the SuperFan shirt. They attend some sporting events and enjoy having a big name hockey and football team at BC. When they go back home for the holidays, they brag about how successful Boston College sports teams have been.  They appreciate athletics, but are a little jealous that they have “standard issue clothing.”

When performance declines, they have little inclination to watch their school lose. Attendance declines. Motivation subsides.  The SuperFan shirt gets hung up for a while. No longer do they boast about how great BC sports are. But when another win comes and BC is on the rise, their enthusiasm returns to its normal levels.

Now that they want to attend games, the Gold Pass means everything to them. They solely went to the men’s basketball game versus Toledo thirty minutes early to get eight Gold Pass points. Rushing from dining halls, they make sure they get into the game just early enough to earn those precious points. Anything to get a ticket for the BC vs. BU hockey game. They sign up to get tickets early and are often disappointed by the result. They don’t understand how they cannot get a ticket.

Tensions rise as the most popular game is approaching. Will I have enough Gold Pass points? How does this new system even work anyway? The Gold Pass is meant to help stabilize their attendance at sporting events and avoid the rollercoaster emotional ride with Boston College Athletics that is characteristic of their continually underperforming fantasy football team.

Photo courtesy of Billy Foshay / Gavel Media.

Photo courtesy of Billy Foshay / Gavel Media.

The Gold Medal Winner of the Gold Pass Fan

This is the Gold Pass user that stays for the Alma Mater even after a disappointing loss, crosses the Atlantic to go to Newton for soccer games, goes to a volleyball game at noon on a Sunday and knew who Andre Williams was before the football season started.Whether it is raining or in the midst of a “polar vortex,” they will still support their fellow Eagles.

These fans get to the game early not only because they want the extra bonus gold pass point, but because they love BC sports. They are the ones who stand behind the net at hockey games, go to every football game, and even attend less popular sporting events.

Tailgates never extend into game time and leaving early is a sin. Their personal calendar is dictated by the athletic schedule and sacrifices are made to support their fellow Eagles. They have no worries about getting into high demand games because of their continued support of BC sports. Plus, since they get to the games early, they are always insured a seat at the most desired games.

The Gold Pass serves as a yearlong ticket to all that BC Athletics can offer. During the fourth quarter of a football game, they make up most of the few fans that remain. Occasionally, they may even trek off campus and burst the BC bubble to support Boston College Athletics. To these fans and their massive accumulation of Gold Pass Points, congrats! You are who the Gold Pass system was meant to reward the most!

This guy--whoever you are--is a SuperFan's SuperFan. Photo courtesy of Anthony Golden / Gavel Media.

This guy--whoever you are--is a SuperFan's SuperFan. Photo courtesy of Anthony Golden / Gavel Media.

The “What’s the sieve chant mean?” Fan

At the far other end of the spectrum, you have the fans who frankly don’t care about BC sports.

The Gold Pass serves as a ticket to social events. They go to only the most popular and desired games, often simply because all their friends are going. Unfortunately, this crowd is the largest and thus the most vocal when their wish to get into a high demand hockey game is rejected. They occasionally show up to football games, but only after their pregame tailgates have ended. They hardly ever make it to the end of a game.

They may know a few players on the hockey team, but only because they think that Patrick Brown is attractive or that Johnny Gaudreau will be a future NHL player making more money than a CSOM graduate.  To these fans, athletic events are just a social activity, an excuse to pregame and a way to have fun for a quarter or two.

Their football knowledge consists of knowing that Doug Flutie was some famous quarterback that BC had when their parents were in school. The sporting world is almost as unfamiliar as door locking hours in all the Boston College academic buildings. Despite all of this, the Gold Pass was made for you. Your participation is valued. You may not be the biggest sports fan, but your presence and willingness to partake in supporting Boston College student athletes is meaningful.

Photo courtesy of Selly Sallah / Gavel Media.

Photo courtesy of Selly Sallah / Gavel Media.

The Gold Pass is meant to encourage greater student body participation in athletics. Whether you can name the first line on the hockey team or can barely understand what an icing penalty is, you still have a place in supporting BC Athletics. The Gold Pass unites these differences. Beneath all of the early misunderstanding and criticism of the Gold Pass, it stands as an all-inclusive pass to Boston College Athletics. Go out there and use it.

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