Opinion: BC-BU, Trash Talk Resumes Tonight

Sean Maguire. This name seems to have no significance to Boston College hockey fans at the moment. But tonight at 7 p.m., Sean Maguire’s name will be echoing around Conte Forum.

Sean Maguire is the Boston University men’s hockey goalie, and that poor kid is in for a rough night of sieve chants.

It sucks to BU, it's as simple as that. BC is better than BU in pretty much every category. Whether it's academics, libraries, dorms, campus life, students, or anything really, BC comes out on top. Most BU students live their whole lives in a passive aggressive internal fight about their true desires to be BC students.

In a recent statement to the press, even the President of Boston University, Robert A. Brown, reported that BU was but a simple shadow in the everlasting prowess of BC (disclaimer: this information may or may not be 100% false).

Photo courtesy of Gavel Media.

BC vs. BU - there's nothing else like it. Photo courtesy of Emily Akin / Gavel Media.

One thing that BU does actually have, though, is a good men’s hockey team. Correction: had. BU used to be consistently good, and even managed to (miraculously, I might add) snag a NCAA Championship title in 2009. However, the 2013-2014 season has not been a shining accomplishment for the lesser school in Boston.

The Terriers are currently sitting with a losing record at 7-11-2; they have lost each and every one of their six games on the road, and have only won two out of eight of their conference games. Their opponents have dominated them in not only shots, but also goals in almost all three periods in their overall stats.

Many BU fans are blaming the new coach, David Quinn, for the less than glamorous results. Some are calling him the greatest blessing to befall BC fans. Quinn has been benching players who have racked up too many penalties, and the team is suffering without some of their more physical players.

To the BC fan, however, none of this really matters too much. We only care about one thing when it comes to BU, and that is beating them. In everything. Which isn’t too difficult, but sometimes, miracles do happen, and... just kidding.

BC, who has a 14-4-3 record, is going to destroy BU tonight. And if watching BU get manhandled isn’t enough of an incentive to go to the game, the first 1,500 students to arrive at Conte Forum will receive free and actually cool T-shirts.

See you at 7, SuperFans.

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