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Girls Season 3, Episode 3: “She Said OK”

"This is like, the nicest distraction for me to have. It's so good for me to throw myself into this. And I'll have a bunch of party pictures that I can post to Instagram. Because I know he checks it ... He f**king checks it."- Marnie (on making your ex jealous)

Between the lower-body nudity and unexpected bar fight, this week’s episode of Girls was equal parts funny, disturbing and dark. I guess Hannah Horvath can’t ever have a normal birthday—but who would want that.


Gaby Hoffmann, you scarred me for life.

If you have a weak stomach and/or photographic memory, I strongly encourage you to skip the ending of this episode of girls. How do I put this delicately? Gaby Hoffman. Naked. Hair. Lower portion of body. Yep. Gabby Hoffmann is bringing a whole new level of weird to the show as Adam’s sister—Caroline. I’m not sure if there is any more room for weirdness on the show…but I guess everything was becoming too calm and normal. I have a feeling Caroline is going to shake the show (and us) up. Maybe his dark, and somewhat repulsive presence, will help us understand why Adam is such a strange enigma. And maybe she'll even get a wax!

2013 Sundance Portrait - Crystal Fairy

This pants, no underwear, no hair removal.


Marnie’s musical career (unfortunately) continues

Remember last season, when this happened:

[youtube] yFGpEG8psXg[/youtube]

And if that doesn’t give you enough second-hand embarrassment...cut to this season! Apparently, Marnie isn’t done embarrassing herself & embarking on her self-obsessed adventures. This week, she forced Hannah to sing a “Take Me or Leave Me” duet from Rent…even when Hannah specifically told her she didn’t want to (at her own birthday party). How can someone who looks that good make you want to cringe? It’s not that she has a bad voice…it’s just that she acts like a seventh grader who wants to be the prettiest girl in school. Do less, Marnie.

I will say that Marnie's music video was my favorite part of the episode...why isn't it on YouTube yet?




YES. Laird is back, and I couldn’t be happier. Either he was making a random cameo, or he is here to stay. I’m hoping for the latter. I’m thinking Laird and Caroline would be a match made in heaven…*fingers crossed*



What’s the deal with Jessa?

Wait, so…is Jessa no longer suffering from a serious substance abuse issue? Or? It was weird to see Jessa take a back seat in this episode—I wanted some sort of resolution or post-rehab Jessa. Did anyone else notice her casually sipping on a drink and chuckling in the bar? Concerning.

The Return of Ray

I can’t decide if I missed him. But there’s no denying that Ray has made a lot of progress—last year he was homeless, and now he’s getting into bar fights with coked-out gay guys and possibly owning up his own café. You go Ray!  Here's to never speaking to Shoshanna again.

Tooth Necklaces are Back in Style


HUMAN tooth necklaces. Weird? Yes. But for some reason I thought it was undoubtedly the best birthday present that Adam could give Hannah. It just represents their disgusting, quirky, and somehow adorable relationship.

Until next week Girls and Boys. Stay adventurous.

Tune into Girls Sundays at 10 p.m.

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