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New UGBC department holds Student Involvement Fair

Missed the Student Activities Fair in the fall? This Thursday, BC is giving students a second chance to get involved.

In the fall, students may remember the overwhelming number of tables in O’Neill Plaza representing all the organizations on campus that students could join. Over 200 organizations, programs, and offices were present. Maybe you took all the pamphlets you were handed, or maybe you had class all day and couldn’t afford to spare a few hours to see each table, or maybe you just forgot what clubs exist. Either way, UGBC has a solution.

The Board for Student Organizations, a completely new department of UGBC in its premier year, will be running the Spring Student Involvement Fair this Thursday from 4:30 to 7:00 in The Rat. Tables will be set up with student clubs and organizations available for questions and sign ups. Previously, this event had been managed by the administration, but with an entirely new department taking on this challenge, students can expect something completely different. Tom Shea, a member of UGBC’s Board for Student Organizations said, “The Spring Student Involvement Fair is something that has failed in the past. This marks the first year it is being almost entirely student run and we hope to set a precedent of success.”

Another member of the Board, Tami Schonfeld, said, "Being a new department in UGBC, the Board for Student Organizations has dedicated its time and efforts to bridging the gap between our government, the Student Programs Office, and the multitude of clubs on our campus. We believe that the Spring Involvement Fair is the perfect facet to showcase our registered organizations and urge the student body to continue to stay involved."

If students weren’t sure exactly what some organizations did, and had a whole semester to find out, now there’s another chance to join. Members from each organization will be there to represent and answer any lingering questions. 110 clubs and organizations will be represented. Students from UGBC and the Elections Committee will have a table for any students inquiring to join or have any questions regarding the upcoming elections.

Aiming to foster more interest and involvement from students, the Board of Student Organizations expects that, if done successfully, the results will be overwhelmingly positive. Shea said of the event, “It is my personal belief that, when you boil it down, college education is not going to be too different across the board. It is the people you meet and the things you devote your time to like the organizations on campus that make for a truly unique and fulfilling college experience.” Student involvement is crucial for an effective student government and campus. By getting involved, students can voice their concerns and be the change they want to see.

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