Opinion: Angry Women and Feminine Men

“It is a hard time to be a man in today’s society.” This surprising assembly of words was uttered by  Australian Nick Adams on Fox & Friends on Jan. 16. In a thought-provoking segment, he asked some important questions that need to be addressed.


Nick Adams, author of American Boomerang, tells us that men, or more specifically American men, are at risk. They are becoming less masculine. While he argues that this phenomenon is international, saying that Australian men have gone from “wrestling with crocodiles to wrestling with lattes,” he claims that American men are at the heart of the issue due to America’s strong international presence. An important question was raised by Elisabeth Hasselbeck who asked if the decline of masculinity could be linked to feminism. She then said something that, until now, everyone else has been too afraid to bring up. Empowered women are a threat to our national security. Feminism has brought us to threat level midnight.

"Look how cute and nonthreatening to outdated ideas of masculinity I am!"

"Look how cute and nonthreatening to outdated ideas of masculinity I am!"
Image via @ehasselbeck Twitter

According to Hasselbeck and Adams’ logic, the feminist movement, and by extension, women, are a threat to men and their masculinity. Not only that, but those men who still fit the “masculine” mold, are “being kinda demonized.” Glossing over Hasselbeck’s improper grammar, we can begin to examine this argument and decide: What can we, as women, do to help men regain their power? And more importantly, how can we protect our nation?

Here at Boston College, we are poised to enter the world as educated, and open-minded adults, so we must take this argument into consideration. So what must we do?

Let’s take it step-by-step:

First and foremost, women should not be in power. Males are the stronger sex, so they should hold more leadership positions. This box will get a big red checkmark. There are four women in Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful People list, and TIME Magazine examined 13 females in “top” leadership positions. Is Mrs. Hasselbeck saying that such a small number of women are responsible for the emasculation of the entire male population? Because if so, call in The Avengers, because we have the makings of some supervillains.

Was former Secretary of State a threat to the US as a woman? Image via Hilary Clinton Facebook

Was the former Secretary of State a threat to the US as a woman?
Image via Hilary Clinton Facebook

Secondly, women should be paid less than men. After all, men are meant to be the “hunters” while the women remain at home with the children, right? Here we find yet another flaw in this anti-female campaign: a woman typically earns 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Yet another check! Men are still able to bring home more bacon, because that is what a man eats: red meat. Grr.

Finally, women should be intellectually inferior to men. They should not be allowed to receive higher education, because, really, what do they need it for? This box is a tough one to check. Here at Boston College, 52% of the student body is female, and here is where I concede to you, Elisabeth. Clearly, myself and my fellow women here at Boston College are on a vicious warpath towards the eventual destruction of this country.

First suffrage, then global domination. I was not kidding about calling The Avengers… But maybe you should leave Black Widow out of it.