Top Ten Places to Sled Near Campus

On the off chance that you do not read the news (because, ew) this is a friendly heads -up that there is an official winter storm warning in our lovely state of Massachusetts this week. That means heavy snow, winds up to 40mph, temperatures in the single digits, and plenty of opportunities to go sled riding. That’s right, sled riding. In the very unlikely circumstance that classes are cancelled, you need to grab that dining hall tray and hit the slopes. Better yet, this is your permission slip to skip your classes, rip the lids off of your off-campus home’s garbage cans, and venture into the great unknown. I give you the ten best places to sled ride this week:

1. “The Bowl” near Jamaica Pond

It’s literally a bowl. You can fly down one side and then spring gracefully like an angel into the air on the other side. Not really, but can you imagine what it would be like?

2. The Duchesne Hill on Newton Campus

The bus basically gives up once the weather gets bad enough, so it’s not like the hill will be highly trafficked. Plus, you’re a rebel and you love danger. Ipso facto, you love hills and riding the Newton Bus.

3. The Field Behind Greycliff

It might be the Newton of sophomore year, but that building has an amazing hill behind it. You might think your life sucks because you live on the other side of the planet (Comm Ave), but you have the best hill. Silver lining.

4. Hyde Park

Stop whining. Just get on the T and get ready for a day of fun and excitement. Right across from the basketball court is a hill that was built for sledding. You can’t lose.

5. Flagstaff Hill on Boston Common

Conveniently located near the baseball diamond, this hill is the perfect addition to any lovely day spent freezing your face off in the city!

6. Larz Anderson Park

The park is located in Brookline, so this is most accessible for our off-campus friends. There is parking available if you bring a car, and the hills are enormous so you get to have an awesome walk up after you slide down.

7. Behind the Res

Yes, this means you would be sledding into the road. But, like, it’s fine. Just stop yourself. People shouldn’t be outside driving in this kind of weather anyway.

8. Saint John’s Seminary

Located conveniently on Lake Street, the seminary offers some modest hills and plenty of space to build a snowman.

9. The Hill Behind Ignacio

Just in case you were bored and felt like checking “Trip to Saint E’s” off of your bucket list.

10. Top Ramp of the Parking Garage

I don’t know who parks there regularly, mostly because I don’t know anything, but my guess would be nobody wants to park up in the snow. So, basically, this means you have full access to use your tray and fly.