Bursting the BC Bubble: Harvard Square

Looking for a way to get out and explore the Boston area for a day? Being a fiscally responsible 21-year-old and saving up your allowance for that weekly handle of Rubinoff? Tired of seeing Sperrys everywhere you go? Then I’ve got the perfect place for you to go for a day.

Take the Green line, transfer at Park Street to the Red line and find yourself in Harvard Square. Home to the brightest minds in the universe. Also one quick thing, I lied about the reduced Sperry count. Aside from the fashion slough depicted by the student body of the aforementioned institution, Harvard square is an excellent place to spend the day. Or the night if you don’t mind hearing about how large Chad’s bank account is. But OK, now I’ll cease my attack on Harvard students and tell you what to do in the Square. I promise the hate isn’t because they rejected me. I didn’t even want to go anyways.


Tori Fisher / Gavel Media


If you’re arriving around lunch time, and looking for a great slice of pizza, I highly recommend Pinocchio’s on Winthrop Street. Directly across from Staples and Wagamama, Pinocchio’s offers Sicilian pizza with fresh toppings. If you're undecided about what to order there, the tomato basil is top notch. Aside from pizza, Pinnochio’s makes delicious subs and hot sandwiches. Along with great eating, you’re ensured a safe haven from the flood of tourists who frequent the area—Pinocchio’s is a hidden gem. Want to further distinguish yourself from the tourists? Don’t call it “Harvard Square”, just refer to it as “The Square." Before you know it, you’ll be getting offers from Wall Street. And not too long after, you’ll get investigated for insider trading.


Tori Fisher / Gavel Media


If you’re not craving pizza, then stop by Mr. Bartley’s Burgers on Mass Ave. Famous for their delicious burgers and massive milk shakes, Bartley’s can fill you up without doing too much damage to your budget. Bartley’s is a great place for both lunch and dinner. Furthermore, the restaurant has a great atmosphere. The walls are decorated with various signs and posters from all different places and times, and the menu consists of burgers with humorous names such as “The Obamacare (NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S IN IT! ….ask the liberal sitting next to you) $ TRILLIONS”. Aside from great aesthetics, the place always has a good amount of people in it and has a warm and energetic feel.


Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

L.A. Burdick

Not feeling like having anything too heavy? Check out LA Burdick’s on Brattle Street. Although it may be a bit on the pricey side, Burdick’s offers delicious handmade chocolates and is a great little cafe. It’s a nice break from the three Starbucks inhabiting The Square. Also you know it’s legitimate because one of the chocolatiers has an accent and uses the word “Shan’t” regularly.

Another place to satisfy that sweet tooth is Sweet on Brattle Street. It’s a little shop that serves some excellent cupcakes. The cupcakes come in all different flavors from Blueberry Pancake to Hot Chocolate, and the music inside the store is great.


Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

After eating, check out the surrounding area - Cambridge is a beautiful place. Take a walk to the Charles River and watch boats go by, or head into Cambridge Common and hop in a game of pick up soccer. One thing I’d advise against is touching the foot of the bronze statue in Harvard Yard. It’s not polished because the refined Harvard students rub it for good luck on finals. It shines due to being urinated on.