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The Chase for No. 19: BC's Beanpot Chances Looking Good

It’s coming everybody. The Beanpot: BC’s biggest hockey tourney of the year.

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Harvard, Northeastern and, of course, Boston University will face off against Boston College for the title of best college hockey team in Beantown, for those who aren’t familiar with the ancient tradition. Since 1952, these four teams have battled for the pot. In total BU has 29 titles, BC 18, Harvard 10 and Northeastern 4. BC has won the past four in a row.

It's no secret that Boston University has had a pretty rough season this year.

Harvard defeated BU earlier in the winter, winning 7-4 in a high-scoring game. Overall, BU is 8-14-2 and 3-8-1 in their conference, and 1-8-1 in their last 10 games. More recently at Frozen Fenway, BU was thoroughly embarrassed by Maine, trailing by five to nil going into the third period and eventually losing 7-3. Their stats show 59 total goals, averaging 2.5 per game versus their opponents 3.4 per game.

Additionally, BU has a low shots per game average of 27.9 compared to opposing teams’ average of 36.7. The three real scoring threats for BU are sophomore Danny O’ Regan, junior Cason Hohmann and freshman Nick Roberto -- the three have amassed only 19 goals total. Realistically, they should try to salvage whatever wins they can get from the scrappy teams left on their schedule since they are basically already penciled in for the consolation match with Harvard at the Beanpot.

Gaudreau's impact on this team's tournament chances can't be understated. Photo Courtesy of flickr/Bart Hanlon

Gaudreau's impact on this team's tournament chances can't be understated.
Photo Courtesy of flickr/Bart Hanlon

Harvard is also due for a beating, maybe as bad or worse than BU. Besides being leveled by BC 5-1 back in November, Harvard managed to beat BU as mentioned before and has yet to face Northeastern.

Currently 5-11-3 overall and 2-9-3 in their conference, Harvard has not exactly had an “ideal” season. Even though they had some easy win opportunities, the Crimson could not capitalize on some of their matchups. Believe it or not, Harvard has had 47 total goals (12 fewer than BU), averaging 2.47 per game. Sophomores Jimmy Vesey and Kyle Criscuolo lead the team with ten goals this season. Similar again to BU is their shots per game average of 26.6.

Harvard can try as hard as they can against Northeastern in the tournament semifinals, but the real matchup is going to be their fight for third place.

Northeastern is by far BC’s biggest contender, even though the Eagles already showed them up this season. Twice. Northeastern is 15-8-3 overall and 8-5-1 in their conference, which is not too far away from BC’s record (18-4-3). Northeastern has a total of 85 goals, averaging 3.3 per game compared to opponents’ 2.6.

The Huskies have a 29.9 shots per game stat against opposing teams’ 35.3 average. As much as we smack talk Northeastern, one of our wins was a close match eventually determined in OT. The Huskies also defeated Notre Dame 3-2, a team BC just barely defeated 4-3 at Frozen Fenway. I have no doubt that our boys can outlast Northeastern, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their star player is sophomore Kevin Roy, who has 14 goals this season.

To compare BC with some of the stats mentioned, the Eagles are 18-4-2 overall and 11-1-1 in the conference. The Eagles scored a total of 112 goals, averaging 4.5 goals per game versus opponents’ 2.3 goals per game. BC’s shots per game have amounted to 32.6 compared to opposing teams’ 29.0 shots per game. The leading goal scorer is junior Johnny Gaudreau who has amassed 22 in 25 games.

The Beanpot has Boston College versus Boston University and Harvard versus Northeastern in the semifinals. There will then be a championship and consolation match following the semis. My prediction is BC and Northeastern will meet in the finals and BC will five-peat in Beanpot titles. As for the consolation match, I think it’s pretty even so I have my money on Harvard because, as always, it sucks to BU.

For now, we'll provide you with this statistical preview of what we can expect from these teams come Monday, but watch out for our YouTube-tastic taster of Beanpot coverage this Friday!

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