What Your BC Drink of Choice Says About You

College is full of choices. Among the most important are which classes you take, which major you pick, the friends you surround yourself with and the clubs you join. However, often overlooked (and one of the most telling decisions) is what you choose to crack open on a Friday or Saturday night—granted you’re over 21. See what your favorite of these five BC-staple drinks says about you!



You are, in a sense, Machiavellian. You recognize that the end justifies the means and you don’t let the taste of caustic poison get in your way of having a good time. Whether you chase it with an Odwalla, or with high-fives, you’re happy to be surrounded by friends (even if you only met them a few minutes ago) and you don’t need to spend money on luxuries in order to enjoy yourself.

Natty Light

Watch the throne...?

Watch the throne...?

Maybe you like to drink it out of the can, or maybe you prefer a solo cup. More likely, you don’t have a preference because you’re easy to please and willing to go with the flow. You’re generally not one to speak up against the majority, until you’ve had six or seven – at which point you’re probably speaking louder than everyone in the room.



You appreciate variety. You easily tire of the humdrum and lull of the same old routine, and prefer to spice things up whenever you can. You are always seeking thrill and excitement, though your friends sometimes have trouble keeping up with your spontaneity.


Who needs Egypt when you can make a pyramid like this

Who needs Egypt when you can make a pyramid like this?

You are a classy individual who isn’t going to let student loans or other financial burdens prevent you from showing it. You value versatility, and whether you drink it straight from the fridge, paired with goldfish and Ramen, or bring it out to the Mods in your oversized purse (maybe you got some looks for that one, but you don’t mind), you are confident in your own self-worth and treat yourself accordingly.

Malt Liquor (in its most practical form, Edward Fortyhands)


You are daring, though somewhat reckless. You’re always up for a challenge, and accept defeat gracefully. You sometimes act too impulsively (like how you didn’t plan on having to go to the bathroom five minutes after you duct taped your hands), yet others admire you for your perseverance and determination.

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