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Top 5 Best Kept Secrets of BC

Think you know everything there is to love about our campus? Think again. Even as a senior, there are certain gems still left to be uncovered.

Fulton Debate Hall in Gasson


Alexis Tedesco / Gavel Media

Looking at the room number Gasson 305 you would not expect to be walking into one of the prettiest rooms on campus. It was originally the amphitheater built for the Fulton Debate Society room and dates back to 1913 with the rest of the building. This medium-sized, now turned lecture hall has sloping ceilings that are painted with “six examples of or tributes to oratory”.  The front wall behind the lecturer is also covered with the last names of Fulton Debate winners, starting with 1890 and going up until the year 2104. Such a unique ceiling is definitely an enjoyable distraction from whatever class you are having in there.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

The Fig and Cheese Panini at Hillside

I know you do it. We all get a little sad every time we realize the Fig and Cheese Panini has somehow made it onto the lunch menu of Hillside. But realize that there is a reason Hillside keeps it on the menu. The Panini contains melted havarti and provolone cheese, with fig spread on one side and mustard on the other. Next to the hefty baja chicken, the calorie content of which will give you a heart attack upon reading, is a welcomed lighter meal that wont leave you feeling bloated after lunch. So cheer up because next time you come into Hillside there is something new and delicious for you to taste.

Comedy Shows

I do not want to give too much away about the underground world of improv comedy at Boston College.  Aside from being laugh out loud funny, let me just say there is a certain “speak easy” value of seeing a show like Asinine’s in Fulton 511.  The comedy shows also offer a new way to mix up your evening plans on campus, and get your night started on a lighthearted foot.  The next time you are “thirsty” for a laugh, definitely try attending one of these.

Gif courtesy of Tumblr.

Gif courtesy of Tumblr.

The Connolly Art Building

The wonderfully secret world of Fine Arts on Boston College is an oasis away from campus. As a senior, I am trying my hand at ceramics for the first time, and the ability to walk into the studio basically whenever I want is a refreshing escape from B.C. life. The building is down Hammond Street, a couple houses away from the Hovey House (study abroad students commence eye rolling now) and comes equipped with a somewhat secret code given to only art students. If you get the opportunity to schedule yourself an art class at this location, don’t be intimidated by the trek across campus to get there. The walk is worth it.

The View from McGuinn

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 7.05.38 PM

Alexis Tedesco / Gavel Media

Before graduation you need to go to the top floor of McGuinn and look out of any of the windows facing the reservoir (some of the sociology departments have this view). I went there for a meeting with Professor Charles Derber this semester and was shocked to find out that you can see the football field, the reservoir, and ultimately the beautiful Boston Skyline. This is easily the most underrated, best view on campus and is worth a little adventure just to take a look.

Now that I’ve made our best kept secrets a little less secret, at least give each a try.

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