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The Struggle (For Freshmen) is Real

Freshman year can be difficult for anyone. We are dropped in a foreign place and expected to feed ourselves, find our classes and do our own laundry. The first year of college is essentially a two semester long struggle in unfamiliar territory, but the good news is we are halfway there. As you try to translate mysterious BC-specific lingo and navigate your way around a campus where half the buildings have alternative names, you realize being a freshman at BC is its own special brand of struggle. In that vein, here is a list of five of the most struggle-tastic parts of BC for freshmen.

1. Lower Dining Hall

While the ambiance and general condition of the building is infinitely preferable to the infamous Mac, to a freshman Lower is a nightmare. Walking in, a freshman might be excited by the fully stocked salad bar, or the seemingly superior ingredients used in the burritos. However, the lines will soon prove to be too much of a challenge, fatiguing even the most enthusiastic. There are approximately seven times as many lines as at Mac, and the people in them are much bigger, more attractive and more intimidating. Seriously, what do they put in the water down on Lower? Everyone there appears to be genetically superior to those of us at Mac.

2. “The Gate”

The first time I was told to go to the Gate, I was flummoxed. There have to be about six gates on BC’s campus, several of which don’t seem to work, but are nevertheless gates. Not wanting to ask and appear to be the inexperienced freshman I actually was, I figured they meant the bus stop, conveniently called Main Gate. Needless to say it was not the right place. Who knew the Gate was not a gate at all, but a building?

3. Finding new buildings (especially during finals week)

Courtesy of Gavel Media

Courtesy of Gavel Media

If the stress of the first finals week wasn’t enough, add to that the additional task of locating an entirely new building to take your exam. There’s a handful of buildings I feel fairly comfortable with, big names like Gasson, Stokes and Fulton. But come finals week, students are expected to journey to previously foreign locations, far off the beaten path. Merkert? Cushing? Higgins? Us freshman are unfamiliar enough with the campus, and a curveball like trying to find Merkert 001 to take your Portico final is the last straw.

4. Stairwell classrooms in Gasson

There’s nothing like the first day of school. Rushing around an unfamiliar building makes it hard enough to find your class. Now factor in trying to find 301 Gasson, or one of the other rooms hidden away in the stairwells. Hours have been spent searching for these elusive rooms that didn’t draw a second glance when you initially walked past them, and once you find them they aren’t even that nice.

5. Numbering system in the Mods

Courtesy of Gavel Media.

Courtesy of Gavel Media.

The Mods are a confusing sprawl of houses, poorly planned and soaked in beer, yet beloved by the BC community. However, it’s a different story for freshmen. Wandering around the Mods, I am always convinced everyone can see right through me. I don’t know where I’m going; I barely know anyone in the Mods. I can’t even find 26B, conveniently located next to 39A (makes perfect sense). Most likely the Mods are designed as a maze, thereby forcing freshman to wander aimlessly and allowing seniors to get in some laughs at the expense of their younger counterparts, reminding them where they came from.

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