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Internship Fair(ness): Just for CSOM

As a CSOM student, I know that I will have many, many resources when looking for summer internships or for a job upon graduation. BC often hosts recruiters from Boston’s myriad of business firms on campus, seeking prospective interns and employees to become part of their companies. There are weekly CSOM events in which companies make presentations regarding interview skills, leadership opportunities or upcoming workshops and conferences.

Another resource presents itself in the form of the annual Internship Fair, where dozens of companies set up shop in the Heights Room on Lower, offering hundreds of different internships in business-related areas, providing business students with virtually endless options.

As I walked around the fair last Tuesday, I noticed that most of the people present were CSOM students, even though the fair itself was not a CSOM exclusive event. However, it goes without saying, CSOM kids have a definite advantage over students in the other schools when it comes to looking for employment.

Tori Fischer / Gavel Media

Tori Fischer / Gavel Media

Most of the companies at the fair were focused in some business-related area, whether that be consulting, financial services or marketing. Furthermore, the fact that all companies have a business side to them is another benefit to students studying in CSOM: there are literally opportunities available for them at every company, whether that company produces pharmaceutical drugs or develops computer software. The description of the Internship Fair in last weeks “This week…in CSOM” email claimed that the fair “was looking to hire in a variety of industries” including “Arts and Entertainment…Communications/Media…and Education.”There were certainly companies representing these industries…but there weren’t many. As a whole, students in A&S, Lynch and Nursing would be unlikely to find many suitable internship options  at the Fair.

Of course, students who are not in CSOM have many opportunities in Boston. Biology/Pre-Med and nursing majors can find research and volunteer opportunities at hospitals around the city, and education majors can find work at many of Boston’s public schools. Eagle Link has hundreds of jobs for those looking to find work or internships in fields that aren’t centered around business.

Tori Fischer / Gavel Media

Tori Fischer / Gavel Media

However, it seems unjust that the Internship Fair, which is a large, well-publicized university-wide event, falls short when it comes to giving non-CSOM students something to work with. Organizers of the event should do more to find companies and organizations that are looking for people with science, humanities, nursing and education concentrations, and make the Internship Fair less catered to CSOM. Fair is only fair, after all, when everyone is represented.

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