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Alternative Weekend: 6 Things to Do When Parties Get Old

 It can be fun wandering around the Mods in the dead of winter with no jacket. It can also be fun walking around in high heels in the middle of unpaved sidewalks on Foster trying to find that party you were (sort of) invited to by a third-string invitee. But sometimes it’s more fun to find some activity that can be done inside, where the threat of pneumonia or mono is kept at bay.  So on those nights where cheap alcohol and cold weather have lost their appeal, here are some fun things you can do on-campus:

1. Check out what’s happening at Robsham

There are always a ton of events happening at Robsham that students pass up because of a) FOMO or b) laziness. This weekend is the Vagina Monologues show in McGuinn 121 at 8 p.m. It’s also the SASA culture show on Saturday and the Chinese and Korean Student Associations’ cultural show is next weekend. Robsham even has a convenient calendar of events.

SASA culture show, body rolling into out hearts.

SASA culture show, body rolling into our hearts.
Itzel Ayala/ Gavel Media

2. NOTH!

Most people route these emails directly to their trash box. Even freshmen aren’t easily persuaded into going to these events.  If you sift through the emails you can actually find fun things to do—and most of them involve free food. If you can’t spare any money on your meal plan, the food should be enough incentive to try out one of these events. There are special Zumba classes, knitting nights, game nights, and sometimes you’ll be the only person to show up.  But hey, there’s also the chance you might meet a fellow-knitter who weaves his/her way into your heart.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.37.43 PM

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3. Movie Night

Movie nights are not just for pre-teen girls at slumber parties.  Pop some popcorn into your microwave, make some hot chocolate for you and your friends, and watch a movie from BC Cable. Just kidding, don’t do that. Connect your laptop to your TV and watch Mean Girls, or whatever your heart desires. When the movie’s over, you can head over to Late Night and do some great people watching. That’s two shows for free! But make sure you’re with a buddy because otherwise you’ll be known as the awkward kid who stares at people.


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4. Plex it

No, I don’t mean go run five miles on the treadmill (unless you’re really into that). Go grab a basketball court on a Friday or Saturday night when there are no intramurals and no crazy pick-up players. Play racquetball even though you have no idea what the rules are. It can be really fun dodging the ball on the court. If you’re feeling especially lazy or stressed, bring your friends along and go into the hot tub or lounge around in the sauna. Nothing mends a broken spirit or pushes the thought of your dropping GPA farther from your mind then some hot particles of H2O.

5. Cleveland Circle

Okay, this one isn’t exactly on campus, but it’s easy enough to reach by the Comm Ave bus.  You can get some frozen yogurt, eat sushi at Fin's, or grab some pizza at Pino’s. Feeling a bit more adventurous? You can take the C-line to Coolidge Corner and catch a movie at the theater. There’s also the option when you decide to come back to BC to take a walk around the reservoir. (Just make sure it's still light out.)

6. Game night

Invest in some board/card games, it’s worth it. They never get old and every game is different. If you really can’t spare the cash, have a game night and play games like charades or hide-and-go-seek (yes, people our age still play that).


The game that continuously makes you question your friendships.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Now, it might appear that all my suggestions are just euphemisms for eating—but that’s not (entirely) true. It’s good to change up your weekends sometimes and try something new.  Going out shouldn’t feel as routine as your class schedule.