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A Farewell to Seth Meyers

By Adrianna Sarro and Emily Olander

After gracing the Saturday Night Live set for 12 years, Seth Meyers cracked his final one-liner at the Update desk this past Saturday night. Later this month, Meyers will take over for Jimmy Fallon as host of NBC’s Late Night. This marks a major milestone in Meyers’ career, as he began his SNL stint as a featured comedian, and rose through the ranks to become Weekend Update anchor and head writer. In honor of his farewell, we’ve picked out some of his most memorable moments on the show.


Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Meyers is best known for the Weekend Update segment—an SNL classic—having co-anchored with Amy Poehler for two years before flying solo for the next five years.  NBC News released a short tribute video, compiling Meyers’ best one-liners from the Update desk, where he mocks news stories concerning everything from political scandals to pop culture figures (e.g. the Kardashians).

Before appearing solely in Weekend Update, Meyers performed various characters in live sketches and video shorts alongside other cast members.  In this digital short featuring a badass Natalie Portman, Meyers makes an appearance just in time to feel the Harvard grad’s wrath.

Meyers, who served as a head writer during SNL’s past eight seasons, penned some of his fellow cast members’ funniest performances, including this hilariously awkward Lincoln sketch he wrote for celebrity host Louis CK.


Street-savvy “Stefon,” one of Weekend Update’s most loveable correspondents, made recurring appearances during Seth Meyers’ reign as head anchor. Their special relationship climaxed in Stefon’s farewell to SNL—even Ben Affleck showed up to witness their epic rendez-vous.

Image via Seth Meyers Tumblr

Gif courtesy of Tumblr.

Another favorite recurring correspondent, who will soon take over as Update anchor herself, is the “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At A Party,” played by Cecily Strong. Her profound and intellectual commentary will not be forgotten as Strong retires her character to replace Meyers as anchor.


For Meyers’ farewell episode, veteran SNL cast members Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg return to the Update desk in a bittersweet celebration, packed with jokes, tears and whole lot of nostalgia.

Although technically not an SNL moment, Meyers’ roast at the 2011 Correspondents Dinner encompassed his dry sarcasm and unparalleled wit.  From Obama’s birth certificate to the fox living on Donald Trump’s head, Meyers called out the comedic absurdities in today’s sphere of media and politics.


SNL suffered a loss this week, but Late Night just got hunkier. See you soon, Seth!

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