Burst the BC Bubble: Fenway

The snow day was fun, but it may have left some of us a little stir crazy and ready to get off campus. Fenway is easily accessible to BC students, and definitely worth a try if you want to explore a new area of the city. This part of Boston is obviously best if you are looking for three things: baseball, bars and restaurants. Just head in the direction of the famous Citgo sign and try out a few of these activities.

 1. A Red Sox Game at Fenway Park


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Lexi Tedesco/Gavel Media

Let's get the obvious out of the way.  Even if you are the most diehard Yankees fan, stepping into Fenway Park is a must while attending Boston College. The ballpark has kept its own old school charm, even after recent expansion. My friends and I got standing room tickets for a Yankees v. Red Sox game for no more than $35, so prices are not too out of hand for a great time with your friends. Bleacher seats are also easily accessible to students. Look out during the beginning and end of the year for reduced price tickets through BC to Boston. You must also have a Fenway Frank, and, if you are 21+, a seasonal beer to wash it down.

 2.  Regal Cinemas


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Unfortunately for us, the Cleveland Circle Cinema has long been closed down.  If you are craving a movie night with your friends, or maybe dinner and a movie with a date, Fenway is the place to be.  The theater is conveniently located a couple feet from the Fenway T stop, and is a great place to escape from thinking about work for a little while. For all the Matt Damon lovers out there, and we know BC has so many of them, The Monuments Men just started playing and is bound to be a great film.

3.  Island Creek Oyster Bar

Image via Island Creek Oyster Bar Facebook

Image courtesy of Island Creek Oyster Bar/Facebook

This is one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Boston.  This place is meant for a splurge night, as the entrees and cocktails certainly aren’t cheap.  But the oyster sliders, lobster pasta, and perfectly cooked sea scallops will not disappoint you. You can also go for their extensive list of raw oysters, of course. Plan a fancy evening with your friends to have a sample of raw oysters and well-concocted cocktails. This restaurant is also home to my favorite drink but with a twist, the G&T with lime foam. Yum!

 4.  Baseball Tavern


Image courtesy of Baseball Tavern/Facebook

Complete with three floors and a rooftop bar, this would be a fun place to spend your time once the weather gets nice. Some BC seniors like to mix things up on Thursday nights and travel over to this bar. So you may not be alone, but I am sure a mix of Red Sox loving locals will make your evening all the more interesting. You also get to skip out on paying for tickets for the game, and instead opt to spend your money on some beer while you watch the game for free! Either way, this bar can help you capture the essence of the Fenway area.

5. A Fenway Park Tour

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Lexi Tedesco/Gavel Media

If you do love the Boston Red Sox, or just want to get a closer look at the stadium, a Fenway Park Tour is the way to go. The tour leaves every hour on the hour, and on game days up to three and a half hours before the game. Tickets are available at the park on game day on a first come first serve basis, so this may require a bit of planning.  The tour boasts that it will take you all over the park, through the old bandstands, and of course up close and personal with the famous Green Monster.  Game day tours may even let you see a bit of batting practice!