10 Most Random BC Items on Etsy

The homemade items site, Etsy, has some really cool stuff. Beautiful jewelry, scarves, pottery: you name it, Etsy has it. Craftspeople opt to sell their creations online with the hopes that someone else out there in the world has the same taste. A substantial amount of items on the site are college paraphernalia. And not just any paraphernalia, it’s homemade paraphernalia. They’re kitschy, they’re sentimental, and most certainly made with love. BC has its own following on Etsy, and they have produced a bountiful sampling of Eagle-tastic goods.

“Boston College Bridal Garter” 

Tick, tick, tick. That’s your biological clock. If you have a significant other, take a good look at him or her and consider your future. Odds are that this person beside you could be the one. If you do happen to marry someone from college, consider this garter. Nothing like a little bit of your favorite Jesuit school on your upper thigh on the big day.

“Bo-Be Fabric Stuffed Octopus: Boston College Eagles” 

Apparently this is a BC-themed octopus plush. Since when have octopi been a thing here? This seller couldn’t have just conformed to society and gone with an eagle? A+ for originality, I guess.

“Vintage Ten Years of the Big East Basketball NCAA Glass Tumblers” 

It’s funny because, well, our basketball team is funny. These tumblers would sell better in a different universe.

“Boston College Eagles Stethoscope Cover” 

The ultimate prize of all pre-med and nursing students. Why do I feel like the nursing students have a better chance of obtaining the golden stethoscope cover? Oh, right, because pre-med is usually a road directly to no-med.

“Boston College Yarmulke” 

Oy vey. Well, you’ll definitely get some stares at synagogue, and it’s not because of BC’s Catholic affiliation.

“Boston College Eagles Neck Pillow”

Soar like an eagle in comfort with this neck pillow. It works as a great conversation starter if you plan to talk to the guy in the seat next to you on the plane: “I notice you go to Boston College by that obnoxious piece of padding around your neck. My son’s friend’s sister’s aunt went there so that’s cool!”

“BC and Notre Dame Sports Rivalry Lovin’ Buds” 

I simply cannot imagine a person buying this. There is no love in the Holy War.

“The Original BC Eagles Hockey Wreath” 

“The original” hockey wreath? I was not aware of the existence of other hockey wreaths. A crafty keepsake, indeed. However, it would be cooler if those pucks were from actual games.

“Boston College Eagles T-Shirt Scarf Patchwork” 

This is a fantastic idea. I am totally making a scarf or quilt with my shirts once I graduate. I already own about seven BC-related shirts handed out for free this year. It will be one heck of a masterpiece when I’m done with it. I would say, “look out for me on Etsy in a few years,” but I’m definitely keeping that creation.

Not from Etsy: “BC Cowboy Boots” 

These boots were not on Etsy––and are $400––but they deserve an honorable mention because, well, just look at them. Extremely expensive cowboy boots with a big BC logo on them. Who in his or her right mind would want to wear these? I’m sorry if this is your kind of thing, but you need to rethink what you’re spending your money on, my friend. You’re better off showing off that stuffed Octopus plush around campus than these things.

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